1. F

    Seadoo XP-DI 2004 warning: 12v low

    Hello, I am about to buy my first PWC. It’s a XP-DI from 2004 with a Rotax 951. The seller tells me that it runs but stops when the voltage gets too low and that it may have something to do with the voltage regulator. Is there something special that I should check on the scooter when I’m going...
  2. J

    Seadoo xpdi rough idle

    hey guys experiencing quite a rough idle. goes between 1100 rpm and 1800 rpm. tested the fuel regulator which was 24 psi. tested the fuel pump pressure whilst running which oscillated then whilst running I revved it to 2000rpm and noticed the fuel pressure was around 75 psi which is quite...
  3. W

    2003 XPDI Help!!

    Hello everyone, I have a 2003 XPDI that keeps blowing the battery fuse as soon as I get the DESS key close to the post. The Seadoo was operating fine until I pulled the key to cut if off and then started blowing fuses when I went to attach it. I have disconnected the VTS module and the...
  4. F

    Seadoo XPDI PROBLEM :(

    Hi Guys & Thank You For Your Help Problem.. Well My Problem Is My Ski Runs For About 10-15 Minutes.. But Then It Starts To Miss Fire & Bogging Down To Where It Eventually Dies Out. It Starts Back Up Just Fine, But If You Give Any Throttle It Dies. Now I've Let The Ski Cool Down An Tried...
  5. GaiJin

    Mini Sea-Doo Vaca Allegheny reservoir and Lake Chautauqua, NY

    Small Sea-Doo containing video taken while having fun in Western NY. Enjoy! SI_k4qfLVGo
  6. W

    2004 Seadoo XPDI quits at ~5300 rpm

    2004 seadoo xpdi with around 50 hours. Can't get the ski past 5300 rpm in the water. Revs fine out of water. Tops out between 41-43 mph. Background: Got the ski about 4 years ago and ran fine. One day friend sucked up a rope so we turned it over to cut rope out (in water). Once rope was...
  7. M

    XPDI 2003 Fuel pressure

    hi, i have an XPDI 2003, since i got it i have had problems getting any speed before the warning lamp comes on and goes into limp mode. i have been working through the manual and found that the Fuel pressure before cranking is 24/25 PSI which is ok, but when cranking it only reaches about 60psi...
  8. M

    Seadoo XPDI 2003 wont start

    My XPDI wont start, if i remove the spark plugs, the engine turns over fine, but then if i put the plugs back in the engine wont turn over, seams like it dosnt have the power to turn it over. i checked the battery and is reading 11.78v which i belive is ok!? any ideas? it was starting fine about...