Seadoo XP-DI 2004 warning: 12v low

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Hello, I am about to buy my first PWC. It’s a XP-DI from 2004 with a Rotax 951. The seller tells me that it runs but stops when the voltage gets too low and that it may have something to do with the voltage regulator. Is there something special that I should check on the scooter when I’m going there? Something that could get very expensive with this problem?

How long does it take the voltage to drop is a consideration? I've had a RFI that took about 40 minutes or so to drain the battery to the point the 12V Low indicator flashes. Common cause is the rectifier which is not very expensive and pretty easy to replace. Could have a problem in the Magneto area but do the simple stuff first. Could be the battery. LOL I'd worry more about the compression. Check the spark plugs and the lines and hoses being in the proper place are clues to vehicle condition. Good Luck hope it works out for you !!

On a side note I have a 2003 XP DI I have yet to begin to restore. I was told it runs but I have not gotten to it just yet. If you need me to check anything for your just ask. Perhaps we can both learn together. LOL


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