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    Blown 25 amp Battery Fuse

    Hey Guys, I need a little help here. I have seen similar posts with no solution. I hope someone out there can help. Here it is... I have two 2003 XP DIs. My son took one of them out a couple of weeks ago and it completely died after running through some hard turns. I am a controls...
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    Broken Steering Nut - Serious Leak 2003 XP DI

    This is just for reference. I recently was on the lake and noticed my ski ('04 XP DI) rapidly filling up with water when turned off. I anchor my ski a few feet from shore, so as not to get damaged, so it is constantly in the water. Now, I am fairly new to owning a jet ski and recently dropped...
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    2004 SeaDoo XP DI - Maintenance light - low power

    Hey everybody, i'm a new proud owner of a used seadoo xp di 2004. I went out for the first ride, but after about 1 minute, the maintenance light will come up and the power will be reduced to a very low rpm. :( The next day I had the same problem. I have absolutely no idea what to...
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    04 Seadoo XP DI engine problems (help!!!)

    I bought a 04 XP DI last fall and it ran fine. Put it away for winter and ran about 2 tanks of gas thru it this spring and now it is sick. Flashing "Maint" in info screen and won't hardly even idle. I replaced the spark plugs with new and discovered one plug looked clean and dry with the...
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    2001 Seadoo xp or Seadoo 3D

    What ski would be more fun, faster, better, What do u think of a 2001 seadoo xp, 2003 seadoo xp di, and a seadoo 3d which is the fastest/ the best for jumping waves Thanks