2001 Seadoo xp or Seadoo 3D

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What ski would be more fun, faster, better,

What do u think of a 2001 seadoo xp, 2003 seadoo xp di, and a seadoo 3d

which is the fastest/ the best for jumping waves

If you want your girl on your back, and tow your friends buy an Xp. If you want 4 riding styles and lots of big airtime buy a 3D. The 3D di uses alot less fuel than the premium RFI. but both great fun The 3D is kinder on your back if your pulling off the beach than the Xp.
Im not biased as Ive owned both ski's.

Oh and the suspension seat on the XP is a joy if your a wave jumper.:rofl:
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