wiring problems

  1. TreeDave

    CPS Sensor override?

    I had a rat chew the wire connecting the CPS (Crankshaft Position Sensor). The CPS is connected under the motor & I am not able to lift the motor out. So I am wondering if there is a way to override or bypass it? Maybe a way to trick it? Thanks for any input, Dave
  2. grr02

    04 utopia speed sensor wiring

    Hi all, I have a 04 utopia 185 with the speedometer not working. I have checked the fuse and confirmed it not blown, I also confirmed this because my tach and fuel gauges work fine. I troubleshot the wires running from the fuse and reading was fine but the wires from the speed sensor was not...
  3. H

    1997 SeaDoo XP - Coil Wiring (Need Pics)

    Hey guys!!! I had to kindof repo my '97 XP back after a guy didn't pay for it - he said he couldn't get it started so he went to tearing into it (it was running last time I rode it). Long story short... there was no coil in the electrical box and I noticed a couple of wires "wire-nutted"...
  4. N

    Wiring question......please advise!

    Hi all....new to this forum, but have found good luck in many others on other subjects, so hoping to find some good input here! I have a 2002 Islandia with a Mercury M2 V-6 Jet Drive. Been having some problems lately with high idling and low speed. I live on a small sport lake and we tender...
  5. Dlhutch822

    If not one thing it's another...mpem/ no spark/ help please!!!

    Okay so i bought a 95 seadoo sp 580 from a friend of mine and he said it would run then blow the fuse on the mpem after a little bit. so i got on here and everyone said the mpem was bad... so i replaced the whole electrical box with a new one, but it was out of a 93 or 94 and it was a little bit...