water in bilge

  1. W

    Water in the hull for extended period

    Hey everyone Having a mini panic attack over what I just found, I’m hoping to get some sound advice here. I just got two 1997 Seadoo rts earlier this year. Took them out once and it was great. I had them stored and covered but when I went to pull them out and start one I found water greater...
  2. S

    HELP!!! GTX RFI Oil Dumped and Bilge Filled with Water

    Had the ski out for the third time this year. Always sure there is oil in the reservoir and the drain plugs in when I go out. It was early in the morning so the water was like glass. I rode it at no more than 3/4 throttle for about 20 minutes down a river when suddenly it sputters. I lay...
  3. nesnfred

    Bilge Drain Hole

    Has anyone attempted to install a low pressure check valve in the hole where the bilge pump expels water? I have a 2008 Wake 230 and on quick stops, the wave pours in through that hole on the face of the swim deck...seems like a poor design. Thanks!
  4. C

    Suggested to get help here

    Multiple problems already....Recently purchased a 1999 Sea Doo GTX RFI fulfilling a 10 year dream to own one (always rode with friends). The Sea Doo key was not always giving me the normal beeps when I plugged the key to stump but sea doo still started alright. By the end of the ride the red...
  5. D

    Water In engine compartment

    I took my 1997 GTS in for service this spring, but its 150 miles away. Water appears to be filling the compartment but there are no hull leaks. What could cause water coming in from the cooling system to get out into the compartment? Could the hoses be connected wrong?
  6. J

    Need Help Water in the bilge

    Hi, I have a 2000 sea doo 1800 challenger, I went out for some tubing, and when we came back in we had about 7 inchs of water in the bilge, it sounded like the pump was running but nothing was happening, what could cause this and what should I look for to fix it. I used the manual drains plugs...
  7. M

    Water fills hull when sitting

    I just bought a 97 Sea Doo XP. When the boat is sitting in the water not being used it fills up with water. The plugs are in. It looks like the water is coming in through the threaded hole under the fresh water flush hole on the transom. What is this hole for? It is about the size of the...
  8. chevyguy

    Starting from lift -- hard starts in water

    We finally got a lift for our 93 spx. Hard starts last year from sitting in water & sometimes water in bilge. What is the best way to launch from a lift? 1. Start it, lower lift, get on and ride? 2. Start. Stop. Lower lift, and ride? 3. Try starting it in water (this is what we had...