1. T

    2020 Spark Trixx: weird vibration after service

    We got a rock stuck in the impeller of our 2020 Spark Trixx. Took it to the dealership to have it serviced. They fixed the impeller. GREAT! Sort of. The next time on the water, we noticed a vibration coming from the front-left side, it seems to be just beneath where you would rest your left...
  2. S

    06 seadoo gti se 130bhp vibration

    Hi there Im new to this forum and need help with my jetski I just bought my ski last week, was out in it yesterday at the beach, when i was just about to load the jetski onto the trailer. i pulled the reverse lever to slow down but when doing so it must have flicked stones and sand into the...
  3. josh93101

    Gtr215 vibration when accelerating

    Hi all, I have just bought a brand new seadoo gtr215 and took it out for the first time this weekend. It ran fantastic all day until my last run. I was in neutral and went to take off when it started to vibrate and was quite loud. It didn't seem to have performance affected but in saying...
  4. M

    Replacing impeller boot

    Hello all, I'm thinking of replacing the impeller boot myself. Can anyone give me a hand with the process? I believe I have to remove the entire pump assembly from the back of the boat to access this part. Is there any tips I should be aware of before starting this? Also, should I address...
  5. 7

    1996 XP 800 severe vibration

    Engine or driveline has a vibration that will shake all the bolts out of the exhaust and virtually everything else in under 5 minutes. I have pulled the drive shaft and it rolls true. When I pulled it I noticed that the rubber bumpers at each end are missing, but doubt that would cause so much...
  6. C

    99 GSX RFI burns too much oil!!!

    i have a 1999 gsx rfi sea doo... ran fine when i first bought it in december, the previous owners rarely used it since they had it. i used it about twice every week for 3 months.. my maintance alarm has gone off, what can i do myself that the dealership would do? recently when i take the ski...
  7. X

    99 XP LTD engine too loud? vibration.

    Just bought Sea Doo XP LTD 99 and the engine sounds too loud. Can feel some vibration. Is that normal? As far as i know it has a digital ignition. Is that possible to have a "early ignition" Or that is a problem with the engine? I made some video
  8. PeterDollar

    Rumble at high revs

    Can anyone give me a clue as to what might be causing my '07 RXT to make a deep rumble/vibration when running at more than 4000rpm. It happened suddenly today while running at about 80kph (50mph) so I slowed down and fortunately was able to ride it back to the trailer at less than 4000rpm...