06 seadoo gti se 130bhp vibration

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Hi there
Im new to this forum and need help with my jetski
I just bought my ski last week, was out in it yesterday at the beach, when i was just about to load the jetski onto the trailer. i pulled the reverse lever to slow down but when doing so it must have flicked stones and sand into the impeller, and heard a number of bangs from the back of the ski. i then took her a run to see if there was any damage, she is idling perfect with no vibration, but as soon as you touch the throttle a strong vibration comes through the ski, i removed the jet pump last nite and checked if anything was stuck in the impeller ,everything looks ok
What could i check next? Any help would be greatly appreciated
There is a strong chance that, whatever was in there fell out when you loaded it onto the trailer. But, since you are into it, I would pull the drive shaft and make sure the splines are not wiped out.
If you hadn't pulled the pump, I would suggest a re-test as in most cases the debris falls out when on the trailer. But,,, you are into it so you might as well make sure at this point.

Some skis have a rubber bumper on one or both ends, make sure you don't lose yours as they serve an important function..
Took the ski a test run last nite, thank god everything is ok the debris must have fell out when i put her on the trailer. Thanks for your help[emoji106]
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