trouble shooting

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    Thick exhaust and idle speed troubleshooting! is the third test run I've taken my 96 Sea Doo gtx out on and I've encountered some problems. Let me start from the beginning. I bought this thing about 2 weeks ago. changed the oil, oil filter, rebuilt carburetors, new battery, added star tron fuel treatment, new...
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    88 XP wont crank.. Need Help

    1988 XP will not start.. Need Help please i am new to working on a skii but this thing was basically a gift to me. I have been working on it for a while now and i just cant get it to start. It has spark (new NGK's) and it sounds like its wanting to start but somthing just wont let it...
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    my engine wont start

    i have a seadoo gtx rfi millennium edition the ski got flooded but worked fine after that i took it out for a long ride and it stopped the engine just cut out and would not kick over when i got it have it wants to wind over but it just won't when i try to kick it over a second time it...
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    92 SP 580 cuts out.

    I have a 92 SP that has an intermittant cut out problem. It usually cuts out after riding at full throttle for about 5 to 15 minutes. It is as if the safety lanyard had been pulled off. No coughing just stops dead. Will usually restart immediately and run OK again for 5 to 15 minutes before the...
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    95 bombardier electrical power works and then doesn't

    My first time on here. I have a 1995 seadoo bombardier. It runs good however, sometimes when you shut it off and then try to turn it on it is completely dead. Sometimes the power will come back on and start again. I took it to the local seadoo shop and they couldn't repeat it. I took it out...
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    seadoo 1997 challenger dies after running 15 min

    Need help my sons graduation party is coming up & want it running right seadoo 1997 challenger starts right up & runs great then dies after running about 20 min then engine sounds & runs great it just dies as though you pulled the lynyard after it dies then you have to keep taking the...