95 bombardier electrical power works and then doesn't

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My first time on here. I have a 1995 seadoo bombardier. It runs good however, sometimes when you shut it off and then try to turn it on it is completely dead. Sometimes the power will come back on and start again. I took it to the local seadoo shop and they couldn't repeat it. I took it out it ran good then did it again. I load it back on the trailer and the electrical powers on again. I have checked for corrosion, cleaned the electrical plug ins and the battery. Any ideas? It seems like a short but not sure. I opened up the box and looked at the electical board and everything appeared dry. Please Help......
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update to my problem. Somebody out there that can help?

I took the jetski to the local seadoo dealer again. They had it for a week and told me they could not duplicate the issue or figure out why?????? Any ideas out there? This does not have a security switch.... I did buy on ebay the complete electrical box with all wiring that includes the safety switch. this is a 720 rotary. Maybe this would resolve but don't want to change out and find I still have the same problem. ANY SUGGESTIONS??????
when you say no power like the start button doesn't work but the bilge pump works or zero like nothing works at all and then it just starts working
Yes it is completely dead... Trim, lights, buzzer, start button. I am not sure about the pump, I don't think I have ever heard it running? I have noticed that it has some moisture inside but not anything major. The last time I picked it up from the dealer they told me they couldn't duplicate so I pulled it home, got in the drive way and it went dead again. I let it sit there for a week. I called shop and told them it was dead and they said great bring it down while doing it so they could look at. I tested it was dead, picked it up and hooked to the car, tested and it started. Shope had ski again and said they could not repeat it again. I wonder if the board is going bad, a short, switch, etc. electrical for sure. I have heard that the trim could go bad and knock the eleectrical out, however, the trim switch works when is powered.
maybe it has alzhiemers from old age. I guess since you checked the major points, I would replace the fuses and then start jingling stuff, something has to be loose or maybe your trim is shorted out. Remove the fuse for the trim and she if the power comes back on and stays on. Its going to be a process of elimantion at this point
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