taking on water

  1. T

    Large leak coming from drive shaft

    All, I took the pump off to replace the reverse lock nut and put it all back together. The issue I’m having is that when I put the pump back on and begin to tighten the nuts back onto the studs on the hull, as the pump starts to adjoin the drive shaft, it pushes the driveshaft toward the engine...
  2. seadoo-gts

    taking on water

    2017 seadoo gts is taking on water again after replacing the pto cover. i've had the jetski out a total of 5-7 times and the new pto has failed its taking on water again. the one i ordered from partzilla came in a seadoo box and said its a factory part. the crank looked good when i swapped them...
  3. M

    97 Seadoo GTI Problems!

    I have a 97 Seadoo GTI with 2 problems! 1st one is the Seadoo is taking on water only when parked and left overnight. The plugs are in tight and I can’t see any water leaking in. I was told to put a new seal on the rock plate but can’t find the seals or name of them anywhere. 2nd problem is it...
  4. B

    1998 gts taking on water and high rpms

    Hi I picked up a 1998 gts for about $600. Good compression. Took it out Day one and was riding fine. Then motor started spinng fast and not moving fast. Got back to shore and saw that the engine compartment was filled. - amazing I did not stall as it was almost up to battery. Go home and...
  5. A

    1996 GTI takes on water

    Hi Guys, I just bought a used 1996 seadoo gti. I took it straight to a PWC repair shop and they replaced the fuel line, cleaned the carb, cleaned the fuel system and replaced the gray lines. I took it out for the first time and it ran great for about an hour. After that the top speed was only...
  6. D

    Air Inlet upgrade on 99 XPL to 2000 - Technical Assistance

    Hi Seadooforum gurus, I'm about to put a deposit on a 1999 XP Limited and have been advised of an important upgrade the 2000 XP Limited got. The pool hose looking inlets went from the front of the hood (hinged side) to just in front of the seat. I've heard of a few guys in the USA that have...
  7. dbrucks343

    Taking on water!!!

    My 1997 Speedster has the water drain on the drivers side by your feet. Whenever I stop the boat water rushes into the boat through the hole. If I dont start the boat and go between skiers or if I want to just drop anchor and hangout for awhile, the water will fill up the footwell area and drain...