Taking on water!!!

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My 1997 Speedster has the water drain on the drivers side by your feet. Whenever I stop the boat water rushes into the boat through the hole. If I dont start the boat and go between skiers or if I want to just drop anchor and hangout for awhile, the water will fill up the footwell area and drain into the floor storage. Then it drains into the engine area and floods the engines. It can take about 5-10 mins to do that.

What Ive been doing to solve the problem is shove a rag into the drain hole and it keeps water from coming in and when im going I pull the rag out and the water drains out.

I checked the body and there are no holes or leaks on the body.

Is there a solution to fix this? Is there maybe a plug or a part that is missing that I dont know of?

Please Help me!
sounds like your scupper valve in the back has stopped working, its a round rubber flap about the size of a golfball. Replace it with the ping pong style scupper valve and your problem should be fixed. You can get it a westmarine for about 15 bucks
I went with the ball scupper valve seems like the flap wears out in one or two seasons. Looks great, good work. If water continues to come in you can always do what I did while I waited for my replacement part. I bought a sink drain plug from any hardware store I think it was an 1" or 2" and popped it in the hole by my feet, be sure to put a piece of string or something on there just by chance you take on water and need to pull it.
i have a 95 speedster with the same issue. I just got it and can not find a owners manual anywhere. I no there is 2 drain plugs (black) (one on each side of the boat on the back) but there is also 2 white ones towards the top and a bigger black one with a flap that does not close. I dont no what all of them are and i have looked but cant find anything. I can add some pictures of what all i am talking about if i need to but i would like to no what all those openings are and what ones need to be plugged. Also there is something else on the side of the boat by the drivers seat what is that?
i checked that valve and it was pushed inside once i pulled it out it still feels stiff and catches good so i hope thats all i had to do was pull it out but if not i no what i need to do now Thanks for the help.
it is just a little flap that is like a one way valve water can go out but not in. There is still a little leak where the exhaust goes into the water box ( or i think it is the water box) on the port side motor.
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