1. Shane0524

    oil injection pump sync question?

    I got my ski running great now after a mess with a carb rebuild, I had one of the little hinge pins from the needle arm not correctly in its slot and it was causing a leak. It's just A Bit rich on oil though. When you set the oil pump lines, where should the throttle position be? I set the lines...
  2. R

    2010 challenger 210 itc RPMs match?

    Does anyone out there have a 2010 challenger 210 that both motors run at the same RPMs? Does your SYNC light show in your right tachometer? If the RPMs don't match...does the boat atleast go straight? I recently bought a 210SE 430HP nd having the same problem a few people already seemed to have...
  3. R

    2010 Challenger 210 - motor sync

    My motors don't seem to be synced...and when I tried syncing mode it told me that SYNC was activated ans stiil the SYNC light in the right tachometer didn't come on. Also the starboard engine is turning at about 400 RPMs higher than port engine causing the boat to pull slightly. I just dropped...
  4. J

    Engine sync - 230 Challenger

    Hi, I have a new 230 Challenger 2008. The big problem is that no service engineer has ever looked at it and the two engines are not in sync. When the left engine is at 3,000 rpm the right is working at 4,000 - 4,500 rpm. This must obviously be wrong and my guess there is a very easy solution...