1. F

    2001 seadoo gti

    Hey guys, I’m new to this forum. I recently had bought a 2001 seadoo gti. I took it out a few times, it was ridding perfect. Up until 4 days ago I was riding and I started to notice I wasn’t moving as fast. My jet ski slowed down a lot. Then it started to surge it would go fast then Slow down...
  2. B

    HX Carb rebuild done. Now having a problem with gas flowing when I close the butterflys

    So...I have two new (old) skis...a 1996 HX and a 1998 XP Limited. I have rebuilt the carbs in both. I *thought* the 1996 HX (tock 717 motor) was good. I ran 3 gallons of gas through it on the first ride and it ran great. Today was the second ride. The first 20-30 minutes the ski ran great again...
  3. legendarydave

    Bogging problem. Not the normal stuff.

    New member here!! Hey everybody. I'm new here so be freakin nice to me. I've been a mechanic for 18 years, I've owned several different 2 and 4 stroke vehicles. 1 cylinder all the way to 10 cylinders. I've never found a problem that I was unable to solve with or without help. That being...
  4. Nathan Mayo

    Surging 1997 Speedster....left 717 only.

    Here's the stage for it all. Lengthy, but I want you to understand. Newly done Premium SBT reman engine (717) on right side. Runs great through all throttle ranges by itself. Older 717 on left side somewhat weaker, but also runs great through all ranges by itself. Carbs have both been...
  5. BTR

    Intermittent Power; Surges Back and Forth From Low To High; 2005 RXT 4-tec 215hp

    2005 RXT, supercharged, 215hp, 130 hours. Engine surges back and forth between having some power and full power. It surges back and forth about every one to two seconds. It responds to the throttle, but never has full, steady power. What should I check first? Then what? After that, what...
  6. I

    Surging Please Help!

    Last year I bought a 1997 GTI, on the test run it was perfect but when it got home it wasn't nearly as smooth. So i did some research and found out the fuel lines could be to blame so i replaced all of them. I also changed the spark plugs just in case. But this had no effect and it still...