starter problems

  1. R

    4tec starter removal and replacement technique?

    Is there a "best way" to remove and replace the starter on a 4tec (07 GTX Wake 215 hp)?
  2. ezbnme

    1996 SeaDoo GTX Cranks but won't Start.

    Hello All, Past: I didn't winterize my SeaDoo last year. I left a 1/2 Tank of Premium Gas in it, left the Spark Plugs in and the Battery Connected through the Winter. I live in Northwest Indiana and this Winter wasn't as bad as prior. I Also ran all the Water out of the GTX before...
  3. L

    05 challenger 185 starting issues:(

    Please help! Allready 2000$ in repairs and it doesen't start. I brought it in to a sea doo dealer in clearwater, fl and they said it was a broken crankshaft sensor. 635$ later they called and said it was the coils... Now it is 466$ added and they still couldn't get it to start... So...
  4. B

    No crank on starboard motor 98 challenger 1800 w/ 787

    PLEASE HELP So i have a 98 challenger 1800 w/ twin 787 and can not get the starboard motor to crank over. We were out tubing for the day and had no problems all day. Last ride before we were going in i went to start the motor and got nothing but a click. got the port side motor to turn over fine...
  5. T

    2003 sportster le won't start

    I have a 2003 seadoo sportster le 2 stroke, up until a few months ago the boat ran great! Then a few months ago I went to start the boat and it wouldn't do anything. I had a seadoo mechanic from a local shop coming to my house and doing work on the side and he checked everything out then pulled...
  6. T

    96' Speedster with "electrical problem" won't start..???

    Hi guys, first off let me introduce myself as this is my first post. Im TDK im here in sunny Orlando, Florida. I am a novice boater and am just starting to get my feet wet. My question: I am looking at possible purchasing a 1996 Speedster from a guy who says the boat was running great but now...