starter 787 won't start

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    Starting Problems

    Hey everyone, We have been trying to diagnosis the issues with our 1996 seadoo challenger. We are new to the boat world so its starting to become super discouraging. We been out twice and both times it died engie on the lake. We pulled the plugs tried to start it nothing came out so i don't...
  2. S

    1996 Seadoo XP clicks, won't start... but what a journey its been! Please help

    I know there are countless other posts like this, but theres much more to begin with for this jet ski... and I need help. I got this jet ski from my cousin who hadn't run it in 3 years... it was stored in a barn and dry of fluids and was winterized before being put away... I got it running...
  3. D

    1996 GTX Will & Wont Turn Over

    Ok i took some advice and pulled the number 1 plug. Turned over good and wanted to start. Put the plug back on a turn over again but wont start. PULL PLUG 2 (rear) and it turn right over except oil shot out of it all over the place. Is this normal???
  4. B

    No crank on starboard motor 98 challenger 1800 w/ 787

    PLEASE HELP So i have a 98 challenger 1800 w/ twin 787 and can not get the starboard motor to crank over. We were out tubing for the day and had no problems all day. Last ride before we were going in i went to start the motor and got nothing but a click. got the port side motor to turn over fine...
  5. A

    787 Starter Bench Test

    I have a starter i pulled from my 96 gtx. Would not turn over unless plugs are out. Had a car battery w/ jumper cables for power. I have good looking cables, but plan on replacing anyways. Solenoid jumped, with no difference. So I took the starter to the local auto parts store and basically...