787 Starter Bench Test

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I have a starter i pulled from my 96 gtx. Would not turn over unless plugs are out. Had a car battery w/ jumper cables for power. I have good looking cables, but plan on replacing anyways. Solenoid jumped, with no difference.
So I took the starter to the local auto parts store and basically they just put 12v to the starter and watched it spin and said the starter works. This just seemed very primitive and I thought maybe there was more to a starter test than that. I would hate to put in the starter after i removed it to find out its bad.
Anyone know what i should be looking for if i test it myself?
Also because all the cables looked good, i was thinking of grinding down the area where the ground connects to the starter so it has more contact space, seeing its painted.

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Now that its out, also remove the Battery, take to a different auto part store that
does LOAD tests to see if one or both are good. I usually take starters apart, clean & new brushes, replace bendix as they fall apart internally and end up in the Stator.
i have a new battery that i did not put in yet. did not want to put a heavy load on it during the testing phase.
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