sportster 1800

  1. V

    '98 Sportster 1800 Fuel Pump Replacement

    Hi all, Recently picked up a '98 Sportster 1800 and one of the fuel pump fitting is broke off inside of the hose. Looking at Quantum Fuel Systems replacement, only thing is it is for the Challenger 1800. Due to the difference in engines, would I be able to make this pump work? Or if anyone has...
  2. C

    98 Sportster 1800 - Is elevation my problem?

    I have been reading a bunch of different threads on this issue and understand that the issues could be: cavitation/wear ring/carbon ring/impeller angle/etc. Let me lay out my situation and I would appreciate your ideas/insight: I live at 5800 feet elevation in Wyoming. The lakes we usually...
  3. 2

    Looking for cover - Sportster 18' w/ wake tower

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. I recently came into possession of a Sportster I believe a 2000 per the faded Hull ID. I believe it is the 1800 model as it's 17'9 per the title, 17'11 by my measurements. Every cover website only carries covers for a 14' sportster. My model seems...
  4. V

    2001 Seadoo Sportster Mercury M2 210 jetdrive Smoking

    Hi! I've been on this forum for a while, and I've read all the issues people had with smoking 2-strokes, but I assume this would be excessive smoking right? I've changed the oil to full synthetic, changed plugs, changed head temp sensor, Checked alignment mark. Is there anything else that can...
  5. E

    Seat Removal

    I have a 1998 Sportster 1800, and I wanted to ask if anyone has put those metal darts in all the seats like the one at the Bow. I want to be able to remove the seats for better storage.
  6. blackwellchris2000

    98 Sportster 1800 Drive Shaft Removal

    Ok, it has to be spring, because I'm here asking for help again lol. So we've managed to get the stainless ring back far enough to remove the c Clip. I won't tell you that the amount of literal blood, sweat, and expletives that went into this. On the port side, we were able to get it to go...
  7. blackwellchris2000

    1998 Sportster 1800 Drive Shaft removal

    My buddy and I are trying to remove our wear rings and carbon rings to fix some cavitation issues that we've had the past couple of years. (actually found a rock the size of a golf ball in the impelller so thinking that might help a good bit too). So we've got the wear rings under control, but...
  8. W

    Posted from the water, left engine not starting

    I have a Sportster 1800 from 1998. I rented a lake house for the weekend only to discover that my left engine won't start. It worked fine last weekend buut today it is cranking and not turning over. The right one worked fine, so I checked the spark plugs. They were not sparking and I replaced...
  9. E

    Help 1998 Sportster 1800 throttle cables

    Hey all So the latest event to have happened. The throttle cable both left and right are sticking and I can't find the parts. Has anyone bypassed the low idle steering cables and just used a single throttle cable (control handle to carbs). Or if anyone knows who can rebuild the throttle...