speedster 1997

  1. O

    Keel / Hull damage 1997 Speedster

    Hello, New member here....I am looking to pick up a 1997 Speedster...motors have been rebuilt, mechanicals are great shape, owner was meticulous...the bad is the keel and hull need substantial repairs...his kid smoked a rock in the river at 35 MPH ish. I can attach pictures but curius what you...
  2. Oneshia

    Help Newbee should I buy a 1995 seadoo speedster

    Hello, I'm very new to the seadoo and Pwc world. I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a 1995 - 1997 Seadoo speedster. (It's listed as 1997 but it's the purple one and with research I know it's a 1995). It is for sale for about $3000 and is in working condition. I've been told by the owner...
  3. J

    97 speedster gauge problems

    My Speedster's fuel gauge hasn't worked since I bought it used. When not running, it always shows 1/4 tank and goes to E when started. Now, the speedo doesn't work. Any ideas on whether the issues are related or how to fix them is appreciated. Thx!
  4. T

    1997 speedster fuel leak- only when full

    In advance, thank you for your input. I have a 1997 Speedster that i bought last fall. I have on two occasions filled the tank to the top. When I do so it leaks fuel, I can't seem to find the leak. Its only when it is full. It leaks out gallon or so and then stops.. Anybody seen this or...