seadoo sportster

  1. S

    2005 Seadoo sportster 155hp

    Looking to buy a 2005 Seadoo sportster 4-tec 155hp boat.. Test drove it last weekend and it went 48mph with 3 man in the boat(about 550lbs). Everything seemed great. the boat has been sitting for 2 years.. one question: The boat wasn't winterized for 2 years.. The engine fired right up though...
  2. Dave Sportster LE Boat

    Hello from England...just bought a Seadoo Sportster Boat

    Hello Everyone, I have just bought a 2003 Seadoo Sportster LE boat. My first ever boat so really excited.......reading owners manual.....I am a bit worried about using the pipe pincher for flushing! Dave.
  3. D

    1995 Seadoo Sportster - Gas Smell and Leak

    So I recently got a used 1995 Seadoo Sportster. The one engine one. Basically, after we bought it, we found that when we fill the gas tank up all the way, gasoline (between one and two gallons), leaks out into the engine compartment and pools up. Obviously this is a bad thing. The gas appears to...
  4. A

    95 seadoo sportster upgrades?

    hi there, i have a 1995 seadoo sportster. last summer the oil pump went and the engine seized up. Right now its in the shop to see about getting a bigger engine put into it. also it is getting a better impeller put on it. what else can i do? i am using the boat for towing and racing along lake...
  5. C

    1998 Seadoo Sportster w blown engine

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Sportster 1800 with Twin Rotax engines. One of the engines is in need of rebuild. My question is can I run the boat with only 1 engine until i get the funds to rebuild the bad motor? I removed the bad engine so that is already out of the engine compartment. Also what if any...