seadoo 3d

  1. joohn

    seadoo 3D

    My jetski will not start, I've changed the starter relay and taken the starter motor off to make sure it's okay, not that sure what to check next, looking for any idea's It's a 2005 seadoo 3D
  2. J

    Seadoo 3d starting issues

    Hi new to this forum. Picked up a seadoo 3d rfi about a year ago now. Was out riding it a few weeks ago and when I stopped for a while and went to restart I was only getting a jolt from the starter motor (doesn't turn engine over). On further examination the motor would turn over and start when...
  3. J

    Seadoo 3d 2004 rfi

    Hi all this is my first post so forgive me for any mistakes. I'm relatively new to seadoos have had a 3d for the last two years and have great fun with it, although last time I took it out once I connected the battery without the Dess key inserted the power came on and let out beeps as if the...
  4. H

    WTB: SeaDoo 3D Kart Seat

    Looking to buy a Kart Seat for my SeaDoo 3D. Contact me at if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  5. J

    towing a 3D behind a boat?

    Last Summer I took the 3D to Lake Powell, which was a blast, but towing the ski behind the house boat was not. The weight at the front of the ski caused it to try to nose under while being pulled. I am thinking about adding weight to the back of the ski and see if I can get it to pull any...
  6. T

    Help with my Seadoo 3d

    Ok, Maybe someone out there in computer land can help, I have a 2005 Seadoo 3d with the Rotax 782, last year while thoroughly enjoying my ride, unknown to me the battery strap had worked loose and my battery spilled over onto my block knocking my oil resevoir line off as well as breaking 2 brass...