sea doo xp

  1. K

    Seadoo XP 97 - Won't go over 5 mph

    Hello, I am a total newbie to the PWC world. I was given a 97 xp as a project jet ski August 2019 and had no clue where to start until reading these forums. I began by emptying the bad gas and got a new battery. Got some new spark plugs, new gas and eventually got the thing started. The idling...
  2. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Drive Shaft Failure

    Ski did great previously, however while WOT the ski very suddenly lost all power, engine could rev but all I heard was a gut wrenching rattle/grind, quickly shut that down and swam to shore Engine PTO boot to driveshaft was demolished (not sure why it would fail in this moment?) Driveshaft...
  3. PolloCalores

    96 XP Bogging Down

    Had my 96 XP on the lake today and about 5-10 mins after putting in, the engine suddenly bogged down and would only move roughly 5mph. I played with the throttle a bit and about 10-20 seconds later it was up and running again like nothing happened. About 5 minutes later the same issue occurred...
  4. XP8001996

    Carburetor help: Can I interchange 787 carbs from one machine to another

    Hello all, I have a 1997 Sea Doo XP 800 that needs some new carbs. I have the old ones, but they have some rust in them and I got them all taken apart so I was just thinking of getting some good used ones off eBay. My question is: I am having trouble finding carbs on eBay that came from a XP...
  5. cuenta

    720 carb. spring question

    yesterday clean the carburetor of my second jet ski but I found a spring that was attached from carburetor to the hull I'm not sure if someone put it this extra part for some reason someone has this spring on their jet ski
  6. 1

    First time posting...98 XP Ltd. Help!

    First time posting... My buddy has a 98 XP Ltd. He has a problem where it will run from the go but once it gets going and gets warmed up it will shutoff and won't restart until the engine has cooled down again. My one suggestion is a heat sensor or other sensor somewhere along the...
  7. elementsk8r3

    97 XP Grip Help

    Will someone please tell me if these will fit my 97 XP?