sea doo wont start

  1. 2006RXT

    Dess Post

    My 2006RXT had a Dess Post lanyard key problem, it wouldn’t always connect and run on either the learner key or the full speed key. The keys worked fine on my 2008, but wouldn’t start the 2008 because of the different codes ect. Sometimes if I tapped the post with a screw driver the 2006 would...
  2. D

    94 seadoo xp not getting fuel

    I just bought a 94 xp that has been sitting for a few years and will no longer start. I removed the fuel tank, cleaned it out, and put in new fuel. I replaced all the gray fuel lines and a few cracked oil lines. I rebuilt the carburetors and made sure the spark plugs were firing. The engine is...
  3. J

    Hello all New member and love the Forum

    Let me start by saying I have learned allot from this Forum already and have followed allot of tips from just about everyone as to why my 1997 GSX has no spark. I purchased the ski for $700 and was told that the starter was bad but come to find out the woodruff key was sheered so I replaced...
  4. R

    Help my sea-doo I'm ready to play!

    I have a 2005 Sea-Doo GTI. For the first time since I have had it, it is not working. (But of course...I only have one payment left on it! ;) ANYHOW: The sea-doo has sat in the garage all winter, since October. We tried to start it and it wouldn't start. We took the battery to the...
  5. R

    Please Help Me

    Ok here is the situation, I have a 1993/1994 Sea Doo XP. I have had it sitting for about 3 years - prior to having it sit it ran ok. I am now wanting to get her up and running for the summer and have found that when you put power to her and push the start button - well it just clicks and...