1. PolarCelsius


    Welp, the ol' gal took a plunder, I would think it to be the grey tempo OEM fuel lines but could be something else. I hear a strange object being knocked around near the flywheel when turning the engine over MAG cylinder 60psi PTO cylinder 125psi (was 145) Turns over just fine and even runs too...
  2. PolloCalores

    2000 GTX 951 Rebuild Cost

    Hello all, I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing one of my Dad's friends old skis. It's a 2000 GTX Millenium with the carbed 951 motor. He is currently looking to simply get rid of the ski altogether. The engine needs rebuilt and that brings me to my questions. The engine was...
  3. H

    Blown pistonon SBT rebuild

    Bought an SBT rebuilt 155 hp rotax 4tec for my 2003 Sportster last year. With less than 20 hours on the engine the number 2 piston disintegrated. Put a scope in the spark plug hole and all we saw was connecting rod with pieces of aluminum in the pan. Any one else having problems with pistons...
  4. gtr86

    2000 GTI 717 Wear ring and impeller install in Central IL

    Have a 2000 GTI and we are doing a pump maintenance, new impeller and wear ring replacement, we removed all parts and had the drive shaft straightened too as it was bent, old impeller and rough and wear ring was bad too. We are putting it all back together and when we tried to tighten down the...
  5. russellb

    2002 SeaDoo GTX DI Project ski

    A few days ago I bought 2 SeaDoos on a double trailer. One is a running 2005 RXT and the other is a 2002 GTX DI. I feel like I got a decent deal because the trailer and the RXT were worth what I paid. The previous owner told me up front that the GTX DI did not run and it was locked up. If you...
  6. G

    Rotary Valve Cover Uneven Wear?

    Hello All, I have a 2002 GTI LE into which I'm swapping a new SBT 717, but I'm a bit worried about the rotary valve cover. It isn't gouged or grooved anywhere, and the surface seems relatively smooth, but it seems to be wearing unevenly. Looking at the outside edge, the surface appears worn...
  7. DSchmidt54

    My 96 Build!

    Alright guys so to be blatantly honest... I'm sitting in my dorm trying to burn time until i can go home (tomorrow) and start dewinterizing my ski (and maybe go out for a quick test run). So I figured I would make a tread on my entire rebuild of my 336 Hour 1996 Used and abused GTX. Day One...
  8. DSchmidt54

    SBT Engines

    I know theres probably a thousand threads about this , but what does everyone think about SBT's standard engine quality? I spoke with a local powersports shop that works mostly on Doos and Kawi's and he said he only offers SBT as a cheap alternative to him rebuilding it himself. He said that he...
  9. R

    Breaking in an SBT 657 in a 94 SPX - Sluggish?

    Hey everyone: I'm doing breakin on my old beater. Starts very nicely, but it seems like it's really sluggish. I elected NOT to use block-off plates so I'm running break-in oil at 50:1 plus the injection pump. With that much oil, will the engine run "normally" or will there be a noticeable...
  10. lovetoride

    SBT pump bearings

    I was wondering if anybody has used SBT pump bearings, any problems with them. I have read that SBT wear rings are garbage. any imput would be very helpful. i was going to order this kit
  11. I

    WSm pistons and cage bearings

    I'm guessing that I do not have to use the stock piston pin needle bearing spacers on my new WSM pistons I say this because I have bought a set of SBT caged piston pin bearings and when I use the stock spacers on either side of the cage,it won't fit into the pin area of the piston. I'm...