rx di

  1. C

    Plastic ring stuck in impeller

    Hey everyone I was out riding my 2002 sea doo rx di today. While I was riding I was taking a turn and the power decreased dramatically like something was stuck in the impeller so I brought it back to shore and pulled this out anyone know what this ? A wear ring maybe ? I’m not the most...
  2. chemtrailsprayer38

    2002 RX DI Runaway

    Hey guys and gals, I recently bought a 2002 RX DI and am having some issues with it. Took it out on the lake and was having some rpm issues. The ski wouldn't rev above roughly 4500rpm. Went back to the dock and put new plugs in and that didn't work. Did some research on here and ended up buying...
  3. R

    2000 RX DI 951 MPEM Problems

    Hey all! To start off, I bought this blown up jet ski from a good friend of mine. As it looks to me, it was rebuilt previously, had .25 pistons in it, and the rave valve caught the piston ring. Anyways, I had Full Bore clean up the cylinders (did an awesome job!), and I cleaned and rebuilt...
  4. W

    Blowing bubbles

    Boy, what have I gotten into!?!? I just picked up a 2000 RX DI. PO just had topend redone. It was running, at high rev, but wouldn't idle. Let off throttle and it would just die. Replaced fuel pump and now won't run at all! :( Has spark, but when I crank, no fire, and then when I release the...
  5. nitr0genics

    Sea-Doo GS GSI GSX (RF DI & LTD) RX (DI) '96-'03 OEM Boarding Step 295500693 $150

    Found this the other day and purchased one as for the price it's a steal (I'm from the UK & Only one place in the country sells this for just shy of £300/$425) So was a no-brainer for me to import it - I've never seen a GS or RX doo with a step on in this country (that means nothing though lol)...
  6. kashov

    Seadoo RX DI Strange problem

    HI Guys I recently bought Jetski Seadoo RX DI, me and friends of main have been having a lot of fun for past few months. Most of the time we were pulling us on a wakeboard. One day I forgot to check the oil and while we was riding the jetski suddenly stopped...ok the oil tank was empty and we...
  7. B

    2001 RX DI slow after replacing Rectifier, batter

    I had the Maintenance light flashing, the 12v. So I put in a new battery, tested, and it was slower, and maintenance flashing. So I replaced the rectifier. Now the maintenance and beep is gone, but it wont go faster than 35, and seems to be half power. The max RPM now is 4560, does...

    02 rx d.i performance advice

    Blew the RX D.I, bad oiler, shelled the rear rod/piston. I am about to purchase the Hot Rods crank and .50 mm overbore WSM top end kit. Is this a good setup and will i see a performance increase at all? I would figure yes on the regular 951 carb setup but on a D.I? Will the D.I perform ok with a...