1. T

    98 GTX Limited Reverse Will Not Engage

    Couldn't locate anything on other threads that is helpful to my situation. So basically originally I tried solving this issue by replacing the plastic locking nut which was broken, with the aluminum one from amazon. I put it all back together and it still did not fix the issue. I can manually...
  2. P

    FOR SALE ISO a Reverse Gate for my Speedster

    I need a reverse gate for my 96 Speedster. It is for the right side. I need to replace the one I broke off. Part #204170008 Can anyone help me out!!! Thanks
  3. FeelinNauti

    Bucket won't lock going forward - Seadoo Challenger 210 SE

    I took apart all of the connections to the buckets, re-lubed and tightened to fix some binding issues (lots of salt/corrosion in there!) Now that everything looks lined up properly and much better shifting at the helm, I find that the adjustment on the cable is slightly off (close) where the...
  4. James Bond

    No Reverse on 1997 Sea-Doo Speedester

    Bought a 1997 Speedester Runs good but When I put it in Reverse it does not do anything. Might go a bit forward but not back. I adjusted the reverse gates so that they are all the way down. I checked all the lock clip things and they lock into place. I am thinking that the gates need to raised...
  5. M

    2001 Challenger RH reverse bucket cracked, replacements scarce

    A trailer shop cracked the RH reverse bucket on my 2001 Challenger 5699, the dual 717 powered 15' model. It's commonly listed as PN 204170148 (old PN 204170055). I'm having trouble finding them. Most parts sites show out of stock. But there are plenty of the LH units, PN 271000947, which is...
  6. Bigmantony

    1995 seadoo speedster reverse fuction quaity

    I have a 1995 speedster and the reverse kind of works. I like to hear from people who have this boat or has own this boat. on how well the reverse worked on there boat. It seem that the one jet pump sportster work better. This one works somewhat but not good Please note all checks with reverse...
  7. S

    Bennett Trim Tabs on 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    I've seen photos of the Bennett M80 & M120 trim tabs installed on the same model boat as mine but have read various versions of trim tabs affecting reverse. Does anyone know if I will loose reverse if I install Bennett M80 & M120 trim tabs on my boat?
  8. shamski

    Falling Reverse Gate while Tubing

    First, thanks to all so far that have helped through getting impeller, wear ring, head unit, and speakers installed in the 2003 Sportster VTEC. Newest issue: Reverse gate comes down while pulling tubes or just cruising. Needs some speed to do it, but only happens once in a while. Most...