reverse cable

  1. T

    98 GTX Limited Reverse Will Not Engage

    Couldn't locate anything on other threads that is helpful to my situation. So basically originally I tried solving this issue by replacing the plastic locking nut which was broken, with the aluminum one from amazon. I put it all back together and it still did not fix the issue. I can manually...
  2. Samartin1224

    HELP!! Seadoo GTI 155 (2007)

    My problem: I let my brother-in-law drive my 2007 GTI 155 SE. (88 hours on it) He thought it’d be cool to pull up on the reverse handle like an E brake in a car at top speed. Everything broke. I replaced the reverse cable and the lever started working again. Since then, the ski will top out at...
  3. E

    2006 gtx ltd reverse cable routing.

    Does anyone have any pictures on where the reverse cabe is supposed to be routed on a 2006 gtx ltd? I bought mine and the reverse cable had been removed because it broke and now its time to replace it but i'd like to route it how it came from the factory and not sure how that was done.
  4. B

    Custom seadoo aluminum boat trim

    Hello folks I recently took my 95 seadoo spx (657x) cut it up and stuck it in my aluminum boat it runs great with a rebuilt motor from sbt and performs better than expected on the water but one problem I have is I need longer cables. Luckily seadoo used the 657x in their boats so I'm able to...
  5. stealthdart

    Need a reverse cable tip.

    I got my Speedster 1996 on water and realized that my right side engine did not shift to foword or reverse. I ordered a new reverse cable because the old one had a broken side. The cable i ordered does not have tips. Can anyone show me where to get the tips?
  6. B

    Trying to instal new reverse cable.

    I'm trying to install a new (from SeaDoo dealer) reverse cable on my 2004 Sportster. It is a 155HP 4TEC. Trouble is, there is NOWHERE in the shop manual where it shows how to remove it from the transom!!! So far, I've disconnected it from the reverse gate and taken off the rubber bellows...
  7. C

    1999 1800 challenger reverse cable

    The reverse cable on my boat broke up by the handle. Is there a bracket or modifaction that I can put on so that this doesn't happen again? It broke on the brass sleeve part. Acting like it was in a bind to go into reverse, but even worse going forward. I unhooked the cable from the reverse...