rev limiter

  1. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Monster 720 build w/FPP, too much HP for this prop

    Matt, chime in.. This is my current setup.. 1997 Seadoo SP with 720, Factory Performance pipe and ECWI Microtouch, WSM piston kit .75mm overbore, dual 44mm Super BN jetted at 132.5 low/120 high @ 20PSI pop-off,Mounted on Westcoast intake manifold, Ocean pro vortex filters, 150psi x2 , Solas...
  2. P

    What all does the Ignition Coil do (278000586)

    I've been having some issues with my Strbd engine on my 1996 Sea Doo Speedster. I've had the issue for years, but only recently has it become a big enough issue to need to diagnose and fix. This boat is old enough now, the dealers won't work on it, and the marinas are generally much more...
  3. Fire3456

    MSD Enhancer/Rev Limiter/Lanyard

    I read on another site that you could use a generic lanyard if you used a MSD Enhancer in your MPEM. I'm far from a motor head but know a little bit. I put a rev limiter on my Sea Doo 96' XP a few years back. Is that the same as a MSD Enhancer? Or am I way off? Is there really a way...
  4. P

    '96 Speedster Power Issues - Rev Limiter?

    I have had an issue with my port engine this year (2012). When I first start the boat up, seems to run well. It revs up to get me on a plane, which is normal of course. After a while though, I begin to loose some power. Throttle can be all the way up, but still have issues with it. Then...
  5. G

    96 GTX still bogging down.. ; (

    Had a slow leak in the engine compartment 5 years ago; A dealers service department claimed it was bad water regulator (on the 2nd service call); They replaced it which led to melting of exhaust hose & engine compartment flooding (I don’t go to that dealer anymore). Not sure what they did...
  6. sledman1

    Rev limiter question

    Bypassed a defective MPEM on a 92 GTS with the 580 motor so I no longer have rev limit control. The jetski is used on a small lake with little in the way of waves. Am I at a high risk of damaging the motor by over reving it while it is in the water?
  7. M

    Need Help! R&R Jet Tech Rev limiter

    I have an R&R Jet Tech rev limiter p/n EPS-1556. Can this be used on a 1991 XP to replace the 3-wire rev limiter. If so, can someone please tell me how to hook it up? The instructions with it are for models with an MPEM although supposedly it can be used with 89-91 models as well. Thanks all
  8. F

    rev limiter,misfire issue,hello there.

    first id like to say hello,i am new to this forum and you all have already greatly helped me in past post with other things and or current problems on my 1996 gtx. here is the story.....took it out of a 2 year sit....bought a new battery. tried to start it but the starter was frozen solid...
  9. U

    Could it be my Rev Limiter?

    2000 gti On cold start front cylinder inop-intermittent. After no more than ten minutes runs ruff then runs fine. Runs fine rest of the day. Any ideas? New plugs, good fuel, cleaned fuel filter, compression even. Tod
  10. C

    1996 Speedster difficulty starting and cuts off

    My 1996 Speedster will start one minute and will not start the next. If one engine starts the other one will start, if one engine wont start, the other engine wont start. Sometimes I get beeps and other times i do not. Both Tachohmeters are stuck on 5000. Once i get it started and underway...