rave valve

  1. m33ndo

    1998 Seadoo Challenger Rave Valve + Carbs + Engine Questions

    Howdy All! I just bought a 98 Seadoo Challenger. The port side engine doesn't start up. I figure with a little bit of elbow grease and some new parts, I can get it back up and running. Worst case, I'd rebuild the engine , but really hoping to avoid that if possible. The first thing I noticed...
  2. mejim707

    Make Rave Valve Gasket

    I have a 96 Rotax 787 with two rave valves that needed cleaning. I cleaned both. The gaskets were mostly ok, but there was a bit of the material left on the head, so some tore off. I don't feel comfortable reusing them. I have Fel-Pro Karropak gasket material and cut my own making sure to...
  3. M

    RAVE replacement-one or both

    I have a 1997 XP. It was running very rough. I found one of the RAVE valves was not threaded into the plastic Piston Exhaust Valve Cap. It wore down the threads on the RAVE. I need to replace both the RAVE and Cap. Is it ok to replace one RAVE or should they be replaced in pairs?
  4. andy.262

    97 SPX RAVE valve stem split off

    OK, so on my last ride just as I was approaching the launch, my engine started loudly rattling. I stopped the engine (I stopped it intentionally, it didn't stall) because obviously something was wrong. Turns out, my RAVE valves had both broken apart. When I got in there, ALL of the plastic and...
  5. Cheflen

    New 96 gsx, tips are welcome

    Just picked up a new 96 gsx after restoring my 95 sp. I’ve always wanted a gsx so I finally got one. Can anyone tell me everything there is to know about the 96 gsx? I have worked with rotary valves but not the rave valves so I’m not sure what’s new there. The fuel lines are gray so I have to...
  6. Danosll

    third broken rave valve 787

    okay so ive broken 3 rave valves on the same cyl. in the past year(both oem and SBT). 2 at shaft 1 blade in half. have changed valve housings and soft parts. but the problem is in the actual guillotine bore itself. . stock bore piston +rings and cylinder are in great shape compression is...
  7. R

    rave valve ???

    Hi guys This is my first 787 engine Gtx 96 Today I remove the rave valves to cleaning and I found that the guillotines was broken or someone cut it What it is the function of this valve ??? The engine turn freely
  8. T

    Rave valve has thick black gewy build up on it Please help!!!

    I have been looking up rave valve cleaning and everyone i have seen is a has a normal exhaust carbon build up. when i pulled mine out they were wet and gewy any ideas?
  9. R

    98 XP 947 getting water in cylinders while not running.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum, I have been looking for answers for a week and still havent found anything to solve my problem, maybe someone hear can help. I have a 98 Seadoo XP LTD with the 947 model engine. I just bought it from my Bro a few weeks ago, he was the second...
  10. Brholwer

    how to clean RAVE valves on 1996 seadoo xp

    just wondering how to do it and what i need to know where they are