1. S

    Sea doo gtx 215 100 hours P1520 Code Error

    Hi! Im new here and my english its not perfect so i will try my best. I have a sea doo gtx 215, it has somelike 100 hours. Im using it in sea water, and i used it for 45 minutes straight, and the engine stops and show the code p1520, then oil pressure failure. I had the same problem last year, i...
  2. RogerS

    130 PSI on both cylinder

    Is that good or bad for a 97 challenger 787 engine?
  3. S

    SeaDoo Rotax 4-tec engine low oil pressure on start up.

    Hey, I own a Gti 155 se 2012. When I first start the Ski, keep getting a message across the dash saying 'low oil pressure'. After about 1 second, the message will disappear and never return for the rest of the day. No issues with low oil in the engine and no leaking that I can see...
  4. Shane0524

    Yet another CARB pressure question?

    I just rebuilt my carbs and put them on the boat,,, it didn't run right and was flooding when stopped. So i pulled the carbs and found one of the hinge rods from the needle arm was not in its slot correctly and was causing a low pop-off and some leakage. I also decided to do a pressure test with...
  5. F

    Oil Alarm continous beep issue GTX 155

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I am having an OIL Alarm issue. I own a GTX 155 2008, last weekend after running fine (at 50-70 kmh) for 20 mins*OIL*sign poped up and had a continous long beep. Turned off the engine right away and gave it a try once again and engine started and sounded...
  6. KyleB

    Oil Pressure Test

    Hey guys, I put my new engine in the '96 XP this weekend and all in all it went pretty well. I have yet to install the carbs and sync with the oil injection or attached any of the cooling lines. The question I have deals with a statement in the shop manual that says to pressure test the oil...
  7. L

    96 Challenger 787 Water Pressure Regulator Valve Adjustment

    Hey guys, My water pressure regulator valve was leaking so I pulled it off the resonator to clean it. I unscrewed the needle from the bottom of it. I know the adjustment of the valve is critical. How do I know how far to screw in the needle? The service manual doesn't state it...