1. T

    FOR SALE WTB Seadoo Speedster Engine Access Cover

    Seadoo speedster 200; looking to buy the rear engine access cover (PN# 269700130).. it’s the black cover that goes inside the engine bay for storage.. boat never had it when I purchased it years ago and now with the kids I could really use the extra storage space.. thank you guys.
  2. N

    98 gsx in need of parts $

    I have a 98 gsx looking for the rear bumper trim it is (rear bumper trim (indigo) 291000866) can’t find wondering in someone has one laying around that’s just a part ski they would be willing to sell me one off of here’s ski for reference it is the blue one on the left
  3. Gudlyf

    Where to find parts for 2004 Sea-Doo Sportster?

    In particular, I'm looking to replace the rear engine compartment latch, and probably the entire latch cable and assembly. Maybe the seats. Everywhere I look -- including EBay -- they're out of stock. So, for now, the compartment is strapped down. Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  4. Mat Latour

    Source of OEM Canadian parts

    Need to rebuild my engine and looking for parts. Just wondering where everyone is getting their parts from? I usually order from watercraft superstore but with all the shipping delays I was wondering if there was some good stores in Canada or than the dealerships. Thanks.
  5. CreekerMike

    FOR SALE 95 Seadoo Xp 720 Part out

    I have a 1995 Seadoo XP that im parting out. I obtained the ski with no title and i have too many projects going on so i really just want it gone. It's powered by the 720. If you need any parts feel free to comment or pm me. I know the stator is bad. All the electronics are in decent shape aside...
  6. CreekerMike

    1995 Seadoo XP part out

    Ill start off by saying im not sure if im posting in the right section...But I have a 1995 Seadoo XP that im parting out. I obtained the ski with no title and i have too many projects going on so i really just want it gone. It's powered by the 720. If you need any parts feel free to comment or...
  7. David James

    SOLD parts needed for 2000 Sea Doo Challenger 1800 exhaust system

    The part numbers required - 204340185 x 1 EXHAUST FLEXIBLE 24340073 X 1 EXHAUST HOSE 204340206 X 1 EXHAUST OUTLET Many thanks, David
  8. D

    Power Off Assited Steering - 2002 GTX 4-Tec - need Right Side take off or block plate

    Hi - We crushed the right side Power Off Assist Steering paddle so now the ski pulls to the left. Anyone know where i could find a reasonably priced replacement or Take Off from an old ski used for Parts? I'm also open to just removing the other POAS paddle - I've heard there's a kit...
  9. HXSPEC911

    Seadoo HX Parts F/S or Trade

    I have some parts for a HX if anyone is looking.. Fuel Tower Cover Part#275 500 235 Purple/Now Black Handle bar cover Part#277 000 257 Black with foam (2)Under seat tray Part#269 00 251 Purple (2)Rear cover with mechanism Part#269 000 121 White Fuel Tank with Sending Unit Fuel hose...
  10. B

    2009 255 RXT iS Oil Pressure Switch - Updated Part Number

    I can't seem to find an answer to a question about the oil pressure switch. Apparently the part number has changed and I want to make sure I don't need an adapter or any other parts to replace the switch. The old part number was 420856532 and the new on is 420856533. At a glance it looks like...
  11. V

    **PARTS** 2001 Sea Doo GTX DI

    To the people of this great forum: I purchased a project two years ago that this forum help me build and get back running again. It has since blown up, again, and I have decided to offer it's parts to anyone needing to get their projects going. EVERYTHING IS UP FOR GRABS. I have determined...
  12. D

    Is this a Reverse cable or a steering cable?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Just bought a 1997 sportster. I got an extra cable along with it that I need help identifying... Is this a reverse cable or a steering cable?
  13. B

    2001 RXDI Parts

    Parted out a RXDI at the end of last year. Have the Motor, Hood, Seat, pump and more left.
  14. Arkbillsfan

    98 challenger 1800 (USA)

    Looking for a oil tank. I know of the one on eBay, but he thinks that it is made of gold. 98 sea doo 1800 challenger dual 787 (USA). Please pm.thank you
  15. Arkbillsfan

    Help!!! Im needing a oil tank for my 1800, oem or non oem...

    :facepalm:IM SO TIRED OF THROWING MONEY AT THIS BOAT. im needing a oil tank for my 98 challenger 1800 with duel 787. someone please help, these tanks are obsolete, I can not find one anywhere. it does not have to be OEM. im to the point IF IT FITS IN THE HOLE IM GOING TO STICK IT IN. Any ideas...
  16. T

    Anybody knows which part need to go there ? No idea and nothing found on parts manual

    Hi, I am rebuilding my SeaDoo Challenger CS 2006. The supercharger broken and i have to change the stator, magneto and double gear.. and a nice cleaning of all parts. I am now to rebuild the pto and don't know witch part go there ( yellow circle ). And no part found on sea-doo parts website...
  17. H

    Hello from Frosty Cedar Rapids (CR)...

    Hello- My name is Chris and I am looking forward to getting on the water this year with my XP that my son and I are working on. We bought the XP mid summer last year in Phoenix (yes we moved) from a guy that started to take it apart and was in over his head (I am starting to think I am...
  18. J

    PLEASE help!! 2001 Challenger 1800 240hp INTAKE GRATE

    I have about pulled my hair out trying to find the RIGHT intake grate for this boat. One of the tines broke off the one on there and fortunately did not make its way through the impeller. Every part warehouse ask me "what model is it"....Uh, seadoo challenger 1800. but they need other numbers or...
  19. C

    Parts Availability

    Hello all. Looking at purchasing a Challenger with an extended warranty. After reading the forums I'm very comfortable with engine parts availability going forward, and a call to SeeDoo confirmed ALL parts would be replaceable under warranty in the future. I got a big scare though when I...
  20. G

    Parts/Decals Needed

    Hello all, I have a 2000 Seadoo Challenger 2000 that I am refurbishing and I have found every decal but 2. Both of these are obviously not offered from seadoo. I have tried dealer searches and ebay, anyone have any other ideas on how I can get my hands on these decals? Here are the 2 part...