1. cymertony

    Adjusting Low Speed Control on Utopia w/200 Opti

    I am assuming all the Mercury powered Sea Doo boats have the low speed steering control, which increases engine speed from idle when the steering wheel is full right or full left (to help with maneuvering when docking or trailering). When I first bought my boat in 2021 it only worked when...
  2. B

    2005 Seadoo Islandia Engine Replacement/ Frankenstein

    After Finding out my boat has a bad engine and found NO replacement Ive decided to look into other options. After Some Research I found what I believe to be the best option and just wanted to share in case anyone is in the same position or can share any information. I have a 2005 mercury...
  3. J

    Optimax 250 M2 Fuel Pump Hoses?

    Hi All - Please forgive my ignorance. I am looking at the fuel pump for my Islandia and it seems as there should be a hose hooked up to this spot (see picture). Cant get boat to fire up, it will turn, but not start. Seems like it’s not getting gas but I also do not see any hoses that need to...
  4. Z

    Brand New Mercury Optimax 200

    Hello all, hoping I may get some feed back here. I am wondering if anyone has installed a new 2016-2019 Mercury Optimax 200 into any older Mercury M2 installed Sea Doo boats. I cant get a straight answer from Mercury or BPR and dealers are less than helpful. Any feed back is apreciated
  5. AirSniper

    205 Opti Fuel Lift Pump part number?

    I cannot find this part number for the life of me, even called Merc Dealer. Need to know the part number of the fuel lift pump. Would also like to know the pressure I should see on direct read gauge while running (3-5 sec after ignition on switch) and residual pressure. It would be nice...
  6. M

    2003 Challenger X-20 Optimax 250 DFI on M2 pump Overheating

    I have a 2003 Challenger X-20 with the Optimax 250 DFI 2-stroke on a M2 jetpump. As soon as I drop it in the water and turn it on it gives me 4 short beeps. I can run it for a bit at about 1/2 power and then it gives me the continuous beep and turns me down to circulation mode only. Things I...
  7. M

    Dead Optimax Mercury 200, Need Advice

    I have a 2001 Sea Doo Utopia 185 with a 200hp Optimax Mercury Engine. I have owned the boat for the past 14 years and a week ago it died. It was a trip I look forward to every year and we just put her in the water. We got up on plane about 40mph and less than a 1/4 mile the engine shut down. I...
  8. A

    2003 SeaDoo Utopia 185 - Stalls beeps beeping water seperator fuel pump cuts out dies

    Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I ran my tank very close to empty. After refueling and taking the boat out a different day, there were some issues with it beeping if I idled for any length of time, and a studder / hesitation when raising the throttle just above idle. The problem slowly got...
  9. M

    2001 2000 challenger v6 boat advice

    I had planned on buying an 1800 twin challenger but found a mint condition 2001:cool: challenger with a v6 200hp (i believe). Absolutely gorgeous boat. I paid less than 1800 so I could not say no. The motor has some type of problem. I cannot look at it for now due to a broken ankle but the owner...
  10. J

    Optimax Oil question

    I purchased a 2003 Utopia 205 with a 250 Optimax in it. Boat ran ok for first few weeks then started not idling over 3k. I changed the plugs and now it runs great. I am getting ready for a nice week at camp so I went to puchase some new oil, manual recomends TC-W3, when I look at the oil...