1. S

    96 seadoo gts carb

    So I have a question and I can’t seem to find it anywhere (probably just over looked it) but I have a 96 gts and I’m looking for a new mikuni carb but I don’t know which one to get. Is it a BN 34 or BN 38?
  2. X


    Hey everybody, I have a 1995 seadoo xp 720, my motor is stock with rebuilt carbs and all fuel lines replaced etc. I am looking at buying a spec 2 factory pipe with the ECWI. I have heard a lot of things, about this pipe. -you can run stock just fine -need aftermarket flame arresters -need...
  3. G

    Synch Challenger oil pump to carbs

    I'm trying to Synch the oil pump on the front of the 787 engine to the carbs, and I'm having two problems: 1) I can't properly search the forum for previous answers because it always eliminates the word "oil" from my "oil pump" search and I get hundreds of irrelevant posts, mostly about jet...
  4. J

    1995 GTX High Speed Jet sizing

    I just seized my rear cylinder in my 1995 GTX 657 engine and need some help preventing it from happening again. There was a small crack on the rotary valve cover MAG side top which I found after performing a leak down test. I'm going to replace the rotary cover, top end rebuild and new crank...
  5. marcxp95

    Seadoo XP 1995- Impossible to find the problem..

    Hi guys! I don't use to post here because I am spanish and is hard to me to speak in english.. :facepalm: , but now i'm desesperate and I hope you can help me . I have a seadoo 1995 xp ( 717 engine dual carb.) And it doesnt work good.. Every time I put the seadoo in the water It goes very bad...
  6. C

    Correct carburetor for 1996 sea doo gtx/gsx 787

    I bought two brand new 40mm carburetors for a 1996 sea doo gsx. The carburetors fit on the jet ski perfectly however there is an extra assembly on the left side of the pto side that looks like some type of fuel pump. There are also two small injectors that look like they are for the choke...
  7. L

    1996 Twin Mikuni Carbs BN38s

    I have a set of BN401-38 carburetors from a 1996 787/800 engine. They have been meticulously cleaned, fully overhauled (all news gaskets, diaphrams, needles, seats, o-rings), and readjusted to factory specs. They are ready to be bolted on. I am asking $200 for the pair. If...
  8. A

    Need Mikuni carbs

    Looking for a set of replacement carbs for a 95 Seadoo HX, 800's or 720's, in good shape. Thanks