1. S

    96 GTI jet pump bearing or crank bearing failure?

    A little backstory first. Earlier in the year I took the jetski out and near the end of the day could feel what I thought was jet pump cavitation. I would rev the ski and it would have problems reaching mid speeds and higher. I could hit max rpms, but the ski would just hit maybe half speed, as...
  2. C

    Jet pump oil issue

    Hey everyone I needed to change a wear ring in my 2001 sea doo rx so I thought I might as well change the pump oil too When I took the nose cone off barely any oil came out and it was all black and watery and smelled horrible like old exhaust anyone know what would cause this ? A bad O ring on...
  3. C

    Impeller catching when turning inside of jet pump

    Hey everyone i just wen through my first wear ring and am taking on the project of fixing it myself as I’m trying to learn how to do my own maintenance on my ski The ski is a 2001 rx After taking off the jet pump from the reverse gate and the vts and inspecting the wear ring it’s visibly...
  4. Benoit Hetzel

    Challenger 180 Jet pump maintenance and cleaning

    Hello everybody, I was doing my bearing grease checking on my 2007 challenger 180 jet pump, and I removed reverse, venturi etc... I noticed lots of spot with starting corrosion even if anodes are still brand new and the boat only knows unsalted water...the heat exchanger plate is covered with...
  5. D

    Jet Pump Corrosion Bearing Housing Corrosion

    I have a 04 GTI and the jet pump has had issues leaking. I pulled it to find it had weird chunks missing out of it. Would it be best to buy a whole new housing or is there somewhere that can replace just the sleeve? The seal damage is from me looking into it I planned on replacing the seal...
  6. H

    787 Impeller Shaft: WSM washer not fitting

    Hey all, Just rebuilding my pumps on my 98 speedster with twin 787's but I am about to torque it all down but before I do, I wanted to ask if anyone had any issues using the WSM rebuild kits for the pump, more specifically, the thrust washer not fitting in the center bore (when putting it in...
  7. Fj40forrocks

    1996 GSX whine

    I acquired a 1996 gsx from uncle and it has sat for the last 3 years. Drained the old gas put fresh gas in and a new battery and she fired right up! The issue is there a very loud whining noise from the driveline/impeller maybe? Is there a grease fitting or a bearing or oil or something to...
  8. D

    Water leak

    While jetski is on trailer I reverse into the water and within seconds the hull has a gallon of water in it. While the jet ski nose it pointed up I notice the water is trickling down to the making me think the water leak is coming from a hose or something under or around the engine. Any ideas on...
  9. edg

    2005 GTX Jet pump rebuilding question

    We have a 2005 GTX Non-Turbo 155hp that needs a new impeller. The impeller seams to be non metal, ie molded plastic and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know who would be able to rebuilt the jet pump with all the bearings, seals, impeller and anything else that would be suggested? We could...
  10. T

    Jetpump replacement for a Seadoo Challenger 1800

    Hi Everyone: I'm looking for guidance as to where to purchase a jetpump for a SEADOO CHALLENGER 1800. Specifically I would like to know if I can purchase a similar pump from a PWC with similar engine size. The pumps I see for PWC's have a brass housing while mine has a black plastic or...
  11. F

    Need 96 Speedster parts

    I have a 96 Speedster that needs 2 complete Jetpumps with reverse gates, throtlle/reverse cables and controller. My boat has 2 720 engines. If anybody has those parts with a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks