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  1. D

    657x MPEM Compatibility

    Hello, I purchased a 94 XP last year and starting work on it as of recently. Was told by the guy I purchased from that he heard a pop from the MPEM and I have not been able to find a 278-000-071 to replace it. I did some research and found that the 95 GTX has the same engine and I believe that a...
  2. B

    FOR SALE 2017 Sea-doo RXT 260

    2017 Sea-doo RXT 260 With trailer and cover. 168 hours. New IBR. $11.995.
  3. Keepinitbreezy

    Ran my rxp with too much oil help

    I overfilled my 2005 sea doo rxp with way too much oil and I took it out to the water it ran good for like 10 min then the oil light came on and the cluster said oil and it was in limp mode after that I took it home noticed I had overfilled it by a lot no water was in the oil I got the level to...
  4. T

    2005 Seadoo RXT loss of power

    So I'm at a bit of a loss for what is wrong with my jetski. I have a 2005 Seadoo RXT. I put it in the water about a week ago after being outside all winter in Minnesota which it was winterized for. However, when I went to drive it that day and also the next weekend, It wasn't able to reach the...
  5. kimber_shaye

    How to Install depth finder on PWC

    Hi All, I recently set about installing a depth finder on my PWC. I had a hard time finding any detailed instructions online. So, my brother, a marine mechanic and semi-pro bass fisher, and I got together, installed mine and wrote instructions that could help other people. Depth Finder Mount...
  6. P

    Spark hard to Steer with Two adults

    So I recently purchased my 2017 Sea-Doo Spark 3up, when I ride alone the ski performs great, however when I have another adult as a passenger, the ski struggles. With two adults the front end lifts unusually high during acceleration, and I need to get it to a certain speed to even it out, ~20...
  7. S

    1994 sea doo gts 580

    hello i have a 1994 sea doo gts 580, will start on trailer and in water, but wont accelerate over 5mph , replaced stator,mpem,coil,voltage regulator,battery,plugs,rings,wear ring,carb rebuild,spark plugs,drained fuel tank,new oil,new pistons. new jet pump oil....cant figure out why it wont run...
  8. S

    Buying my new 2013 SeaDoo GTR 215

    Ever wondered what it would be like to walk in a SeaDoo Dealership, and buy the one you loved that same day? Well, I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to do it. I decided that I am working 2 jobs and have saved enough money that I deserved something for myself. So about a week ago i...
  9. N

    battery problems : (

    The last few years I've been having to buy a new battery every year. its getting ridiculous and I don't know why they keep dying on me. I've had jet skis for years and my brothers do to. None of them have this problem. I used a smart charger to charge them over years, idk if that has anything to...
  10. T

    Hours compared to miles?

    I am looking to purchase another ski but this one is from a dealership. It is listed with 200 miles. Im used to hours rather than miles, its a 1996 Sea-doo SPI, anything I should look out for? Is this to many miles?
  11. J

    New Guy Again...

    Ive got a 1996 Sea Doo Spi that has been having starter issues. We took it out and replaces brushes BUT when I put it back in I have to wiggle a red cable to the left coming out of the starter to get ti to work... Should I just buy a new one or is there a easy fix? Thanks! :)
  12. C

    1996 seadoo GSX- Carbourator problems

    When i give my jet ski about half throttle every now and then it will loose rpms and slow down but then speed back up. Thank you to anyone who responds it will be a big help.
  13. M

    2000 SeaDoo GTX Milenium Edition

    Im just wondering what cheap modifications I can make to my seadoo to make it go faster. I cant afford superchargers and the pro stuff. Ive heard that performance intake grates can help. I run 93 octane strictly through it because its a two stroke and I heard that they run better on higher...
  14. G

    GSX Limited WEIRDDD problem...

    Hey everyone well i have a 1998 GSX Limited and when I take it out to the lake it starts up great idles great but when i hit it it is HORRRRIBLE it wouldn't go above about 3600 rpms today.... but heres the weird part... after about 20 minutes of puttin around and playing w/ the choke it came...
  15. D

    starting the 1996 XP

    I just recently bought a 1996 XP and have had the magnetic starter on the ski itself changed twice and it still will not give the two beeps everytime. It will have one long beep when i try to start it, but if I try a couple mins later it sometimes works. After I get it to work i just leave the...