Spark hard to Steer with Two adults

So I recently purchased my 2017 Sea-Doo Spark 3up, when I ride alone the ski performs great, however when I have another adult as a passenger, the ski struggles. With two adults the front end lifts unusually high during acceleration, and I need to get it to a certain speed to even it out, ~20 mph. Also with two adults on the ski it becomes extremely difficult to steer the ski, the best way i can describe it is every time you adjust the handlebars during operation it feels like over-correcting. I am assuming that the weight of two adults was the cause for this, however the max weight capacity on the ski is 450 lbs, and I am sure we didn't reach that with the two adults that were on the ski. Is it possible that the ski is still breaking in, I only have 3 hours on it? Also I live in Colorado, therefore I have some power loss due to altitude. Thank you in advance for any replies!


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Step 1: test ride myself. More power & fun than expected

Step 2: take gf for ride... whoa-boy. It was so unwieldy at low speeds I could not control it
At med to higher speeds np. I thought maybe I needed to learn VTS adjust with 2 riders

Your description is exactly my experience. I have been riding machines all my life and am comfortable.

I thought a 3-up would solve this issue. Maybe not then.

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I just bought a 2 up 90ho. Riding one person is awesome stable can blow it around and wheelie like nothing (extended VTS I added) My weight limit is 350lbs. I weight 225. It gets funny feeling adding more than 100lbs on the back for sure. I had about 400lbs riding around with 2 ppl. it is fine going straight. Your problem is you have to have 2 really good riders, when turning you have to be leaning together when it is just a much different feeling. These aren't as big and heavy as other models and not as wide so it is performing just like it should, it's just not like a big ski. We did ok with 2 people. My GF even took my sister and they did fine until she decided she was gonna try a donut, then they tipped and fell in. All good they laughed for hours about it.
If my gf and I are just cruising around on the 3 up we feel quite comfortable/stable. Wiping around with 2 of us doing donuts and power slides then obviously we're getting wet but going slow is tippy. Need that 10-12 mph to stable it up then cruising at around 20mph is nice, 30 you start to get back to really feeling your passengers movements
I have an older GTI and the weight limit on mine is 525 pounds I believe. What I've noticed is that when you are approaching the maximum weight, it will get very unstable at low speed. I believe Sparks even have a lower weight limit than that (more like in the 400 hundred pounds) and this is one of the reasons why I didn't buy one and bought a used one instead.

Once I brought two friends on my ski and we were very close to the limit and I almost flipped it just by running at idle because one of the passengers leaned just a little. At 20 mph, it would be more stable. I'd say try to keep below the limit by at least 75 pounds... or go on a diet!!!!