1. Z

    Wake 215 supercharger maintenance

    I have a 07wake 215 and I’m at 107hours. I know I need to rebuild it every 100 but how far over it can I go? I’m short on cash atm to rebuild it but still wanna go out on it. Bad idea? Just some info would be great. New here and thanks for the help in advance
  2. hartless

    Looking at: Great maintenance history but used up??

    Not finding this thru the search function, so I'm putting it out to all of you... Looking at an '06 Speedster 200 Wake (310HP version) that's got a great maintenance history according to the dealer records & a computer scan. The big "but" is that it's got 725hrs on it. For a 9-yr-old southern...
  3. P

    2010 GTX 260 Limited question

    Hey everyone, I'm going tomorrow to check out a 2010 GTX IS Limited with about 80 hours on it. With trailer I'm getting it for $8500. The only thing that has me concerned is the amount of hours. It hasn't had a SC rebuild yet, so I'm curious, does that need to be done at exactly 100...
  4. H

    2006 Seadoo RXT first timer owner questions

    Hi All, I am looking at purchasing a 2006 3 seat RXT, and I have a few questions. The person who owns it lives on a waterfront property, and recently upgrade to a 2013 and have 2 sons 23 and 28 who would use them. It is priced at 5500. It has 200 hours, never been the shop for repairs...
  5. T

    Hours compared to miles?

    I am looking to purchase another ski but this one is from a dealership. It is listed with 200 miles. Im used to hours rather than miles, its a 1996 Sea-doo SPI, anything I should look out for? Is this to many miles?
  6. 9

    95 GTS Gauge

    I have a 95 Seadoo GTS with the standard fuel, low Oil Gauge. Can I upgrade to a new digital gauge and all the functions on the new gauge work or would I just be wasting my money on the new gauge? The reason for the replacement is that my fuel gauge does not work anymore and I would like to...
  7. Gary13

    SC move good or bad idea?

    First post... I read a lot but don't normally ask ?? usually most have been ask on my older skis and i know this one has also... but here goes.... I have been riding and working on mid 90s skis, I have 94XP, 95XP717 and 96 XP, 95 HX, 95SPI and 95GTX. The forums have been instrumental in...
  8. B

    Hours changed

    I had my boat winterized and impeller changed last fall at my local dealer. When I started the boat up for the first time this season I noticed my hours went from approximately 65hr (before the work was done) to about 16hr. I called the dealer and asked what happened and he told me this was...
  9. K

    How do I see how many hours are on a 2001 GTI?

    I am trying to sell my 2001 GTI and am trying to figure out how many hours are on it so I can give that info to the seller.
  10. W

    Is 300 hours really a bad thing?

    Hello Everyone (or should I say anyone!!). Hopefully someone is reading this and may provide some advice. This question has likely been asked before, but I'll be darned if I can find much information. The question is why do I see people referring to older boats with so few hours on them...