fuel injection

  1. O

    Seadoo Challenger 2000 Mercury 240 EFI Injectors 1 and 2 spraying wide open with key on, not cranking

    Hoping someone can help. So Ive been all over this engine lately trying to figure out why it wouldn't start, Found bad trigger wires coming from trigger assembly and replaced it. The moment I tried to start it, it fired right up. Think I probably cranked it 4 or five times in a couple hours...
  2. MATT467

    RESTO I want to convert my 1996 seadoo gti to fuel injection

    I have a 1996 seadoo GTI (has dual carbs) that is having fuel problems. I have rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines, I also bypassed the fuel selector. I plan on converting it to a fuel injected system. Has anyone done this before or know of a kit
  3. M

    2000 islandia using 1 gallon of gas for every mile

    I have a 2000 islandia with a new powerhead from obr (threw a rod thru the block last summer) The new engine has about 12 hours on it, the boat is running great engine wise, pulling kids on tubes and the holeshot is fine. The problem is that the amount of gas i am going thru is WAY out of the...
  4. illru

    Fuel Injection for a 717? Yes it is/was possible!

    Was looking around ebay for boat parts and found this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sea-Doo-717-720-Engine-Westcoast-Fuel-Injection-EFI-System-RARE-Jet-Ski-PWC-/220872441430?pt=Personal_Watercraft_Parts&vxp=mtr&hash=item336d05fe56 And started drooling... Fuel injection for a 717!!! If...
  5. purple_people_eater

    1999 seadoo gsx limited

    hey all i need some advice. i found a 1999 gsx limited that has supposedly been converted to fuel injected rx-di motor from a 2000 gsx-l. it is being sold as-is none running without trailer for 1000. so my questions are: has anyone eveyone ever done/heard of this conversion and how did it go...
  6. J

    GTX RFI fu issues

    I have a 99 GTX RFI that has begun to have fuel issues. It will run fine most of the time but will suddenly die, especially if you are under 20 MPH. It will restart if you hold the throttle wide open. My mechanic has the same problem with his RFI. It appears to be fuel related. That is, it is...
  7. R

    787 Fuel Injected getting too Much Oil

    I have a 2000 fuel injection 787 and when I go to start it i got a couple cranks then it stops. I too the spark plugs out and they were soaked in oil. I then took the head off the motor to realize the motor was full of oil on top of the pistons. It seems everytime I clean it all out then go to...