1. M

    2005 Sporster LE... Process of Oil Filter

    How difficult is it to perform a oil filter change on the boat? Special tools? Thank you
  2. BTR

    Internal Fuel Strainer | Get the right one.

    2005 RXT 4-TEC 215 HP. If you want to replace the internal fuel strainer, make sure you have the correct replacement part (see the pictures below). There are strainers on the market that are sold as being replacements for the OEM internal strainer (which doesn't have a part number because...
  3. RogerS

    Oil Filter Question

    Can I replace the oil tank line filter with a generic after market fuel filter? Is the same or different one to the other? Thanks.
  4. Nike12000

    Oil filter 2015

    Hey guys I did a quick search but didn't see anything here so sorry if this is in wrong place. I'm trying to find an oil filter for my 2015 gti 155 limited. I see k&n makes some but they only have up to 2014 in their list. I'm sure I can go to dealer but they are a good 30 min or so away and was...
  5. Shane0524

    Do 787 carbs need to be cleaned after fuel line replacement?

    I'm about to change out some gray lines on a 1996 GTX 787 with 49 hours on it. This machine sat up from 2007 until December of 2014 and is in great condition. It had 41 hours on it when it was brought back out after nearly 8 years. The machine runs perfectly now but my question is, do I need to...
  6. mxrider9239

    replacement/adding/cleaning fuel and oil filter for 93 xp

    hey guys ive hit a bump in my start of the season by needing to clean some fuel passageways. My question is how do i clean the water separator for the gas (can i take out the bowl without taking our the entire unit), where can i get a new inline oil filter (best price) and should i should i also...
  7. Brholwer

    how to get to the carbs on 1996 seadoo xp

    just wondering how to and then to clean the internal filters
  8. Brholwer

    96 Xp how to clean/check the spin fuel filter and clean fuel selector switch

    i have a 1996 seadoo xp, just wondering how to do it could someone post some pictures or something
  9. Brholwer

    where are the fuel filters that i should clean after cleaning gray fuel lines on 96xp

    if anybody has pictures or something that could help
  10. A

    96 gsx bogs down

    hey guys I have a 96 gsx that just wont go... it stays at low rpms and as you adjust the throttle it just gets worse. it did break out one time at the end of last summer and it ran super for about 5 min. then back to bogging down. I understand the grey fuel lines are an issue on my model so...