1. C

    Snap-In Fenders Causing Steering Issue

    Hi Everyone, I posted another thread regarding a brand new 2023 RXT-X 300 with a steering issue. There is something that just dawned on me and it could be a coincidence, but I wanted to put this out there to see if anyone else is having a similar experience. Here is the other thread. The gist...
  2. A

    Rivet Size and Part #s for 98 GSX Limited

    Did some searching, high and low places, and either can't confirm it's the right part or the manuals images are too tiny to read. Looking for rivet size on the cable that holds the front storage compartment open. Also rivet size on the front bumper and any suggestions on a temporary solution for...
  3. S

    Suggestions on protecting hull from bad dock?

    The lake I go to has metal floating docks with old tires as bumpers. They always leave black marks which I have to scrub off. Last week a gust of wind blew me onto a metal corner of the dock on which the tire had come off. Thankfully it left only surface scratches in the gelcoat which I easily...
  4. N

    Shoreland'r Replacement Fender?

    I just brought my 1998 Speedster home a few days ago. She's riding on a 1999 Shoreland’r Model SD-GV1724 galvanized trailer with black fenders. I noticed that almost every speedster in 98-99 on a shoreland'r trailer, was missing the starboard fender assembly (Inclusive of the running...
  5. trickyslip

    How to pop the 'rub rail' back in?

    After a few bumpy wakes slid my Challenger against the dock - my 'rub rail' - the rubber strip that runs the length of the boat on either side - has popped out in some areas (see pic attached) - what is the best way to pop it back in? I tried a small screw driver - but that seems to just dent...