Suggestions on protecting hull from bad dock?

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The lake I go to has metal floating docks with old tires as bumpers. They always leave black marks which I have to scrub off. Last week a gust of wind blew me onto a metal corner of the dock on which the tire had come off. Thankfully it left only surface scratches in the gelcoat which I easily repaired, but it could have been a lot worse. Any suggestions on something that would protect against these sub par docks? I have fenders which help but often just get pushed up from in between the boat and dock. I'm considering dockmate rafting fenders ( but not sure it would protect against the metal corner that got me last week. I'm tempted to buy a real dock corner bumper and just consider it my contribution to all other boaters there.

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It's hard to say. I try not to use docks. When I do... I always get dock rash... it's part of the boating experience.

All I can think of is to get those monster bumpers, and tie up the boat loose. The other thing I do, is if I'm in a river... I tie at the end, and let the boat drift off the dock.


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Made for boats but the pwc ones look too small and the larger ones will take on bigger wakes. Never tried them though. I use those water noodles kids play with. Cut them down the center and they hold tight against the bumper. They fold up easy and I store in the storage compartment.
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