1. D

    97 GSI drive shaft issue

    Alright so I have a 1997 sea doo gsi, I have had my second issue with what seems to be a drive shaft problem. I was at full throttle when it stopped thrusted and went to the rev limiter. It has a brand new drive shaft, pto coupler, carbon ring, and wear ring because this happened the first time...
  2. J

    Drive shaft... Are the threads supposed to look like this?

    Hey all! Alicia here...I have a 2000 sea doo challenger with the twin rotax engines...717's I believe ..I am in the midst of rebuilding the jet pump and ordered a new impeller for the left engine. I have a question as to if I should be replacing my driveshaft as well. I would rather do it now...
  3. O

    2017 GTRX 230 Driveshaft Play

    Ski took on a bunch of water the other day. Wasn't after a hard hit and didn't hit anything in the water either. Was turning at 40. Thankfully before it went full Titanic, I was able to beach it. Ended up getting it pumped and towed. Looked like carbon seal failure as the telltale line is on the...
  4. tonydiato

    07 Seadoo GTI 155...beeps and water temperature displays --

    I have a 07 Seadoo GTI. I get a beep after I drive the ski for a bit and the water temperature diplays -- with the degree symbol. No error codes. I also looked under the ski and noticed the driveshaft is a little loose (this causes some vibration). Does anyone know what this could be? Is the...
  5. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Drive Shaft Failure

    Ski did great previously, however while WOT the ski very suddenly lost all power, engine could rev but all I heard was a gut wrenching rattle/grind, quickly shut that down and swam to shore Engine PTO boot to driveshaft was demolished (not sure why it would fail in this moment?) Driveshaft...
  6. S

    Seadoo GTI Driveshaft Failure??

    Hello everybody, this is my first post so I apologize if it is in the wrong section. Here is my conundrum: I rebuilt the entire jet pump and installed a new wear ring on my 1999 Seadoo GTI. It ran great, and then after the third ride I noticed jet pump oil leaking out, and the wear ring was all...
  7. Kuikkis

    Engine runs and revs but no thrust.

    Hi everyone! I have a tricky problem with my Sea Doo GTI -98 PWC. I was riding in a deep water with slow speed when I heard a cracking sound from my Sea Doo. Engine kept running and it revved but there wasn´t thrust at all. I have now replaced my wear ring and impeller and checked driveshaft...
  8. Cheflen

    2001 gti driveshaft removal

    I have gotten the rubber boot off where the driveshaft connects to the PTO and I know some people say to remove the "c clip" when removing these driveshafts but I cannot find it anywhere. What am I missing? My driveshaft won't budge
  9. C

    2004 Speedster---Tow Rope stuck behind driveshaft and into black seal. Any advice

    Hi Everyone, I just recently picked up a 2004 Speedster, and took it out tubing last weekend. Long story short, the tube rope got sucked into the impeller and wrapped itself around the driveshaft. I was able to get most of it out, but there is a small section that is between the driveshaft...
  10. P

    taking on water

    Hi. last summer, my 99 gtx rfi, had a problem with the pump seizing up.. I pulled it for the season and worked on it over the winter... I rebuilt the pump with new bearings, seals , o-rings and oil... when I dropped it back into the water this spring, the bilge pump I put in a couple years...
  11. B

    cavitations after change of motor mounts

    Hey all I have a 96 seadoo spi 587 and I tore out my motor mounts. I installed new mounts got the alignment tool aligned the engine put everything together at put it on the water. As soon as I got out of no wake zone gave it throttle and it cavitated pretty badly with a slight grinding noise. I...
  12. C

    chanllenger 1800 driveshaft

    how do you remove the drive shaft in a 99 challenger twin rotax 787. Already have pumps off.
  13. T

    97 GSX Lost Thrust Whirling noise??

    Guys, I just had a new Drive shaft, Carbs, and Pump rebuilt. I took it out and she ran OK not exactly full power as she should but close. Then she started to loose some RPM's so i idled it down and the she came back up to speed. Then suddenly i loose all thrust and i heard a Whirling noise...
  14. thejacksonkid910

    96 XP Strap In Flywheel

    ok so ive been having problems with my 96 xp. we all went out riding about a week and a half ago. the ski was running fine all day. until it made a thump and scared the hell out of my friend because all though the engine sounds as though it is runnin at top notch full speed, the ski only goes...