1. D

    '09 180 Challenger 255 hp 4-tech just stopped. Looking for where to start?

    Hi All, I am a new owner of this machine this year. Calgary AB Canada. We had 18 hours on it when we got it and during the next 6 hours,we had to be towed in 2x. Not off to a great start ! The First one is entirely due to my stupidity and realizing 3 Feet Deep Means exactly that. First 2...
  2. J

    I give it gas it dies and then wont start unless I unhook and rehook up the battery

    Hello everyone. I bought a 1996 seadoo spi that had a bad battery. I did not know that you could not jump them my fault i didnt look it up but for being a dummy i had to buy a new mpem so i learned my lesson. Anyways now when i get the ski in the water i will idle for a very long time. When...
  3. GodsMechanic

    1995 Speedster Dies

    I bought this about a month ago and it runs awesome, when it runs. Out of no where it will just die. Sometimes at idle, WOT, part throttle cruising. Sometime it will go several hours and sometimes it will go a few minutes. It acts just like you pulled the lanyard off. Sometimes it will...
  4. C

    96 gtx missing out of water, dies in water ???

    Hello, gotta 96 GTX that has a problem.... Just bought it and the guy said that the carbs sound like they needed to be done. Took it out the day I got it and had to feather the throttle to get it going. Took it back out the next day and it wouldn't stay running in the water. When I took it...