I give it gas it dies and then wont start unless I unhook and rehook up the battery

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Hello everyone. I bought a 1996 seadoo spi that had a bad battery. I did not know that you could not jump them my fault i didnt look it up but for being a dummy i had to buy a new mpem so i learned my lesson. Anyways now when i get the ski in the water i will idle for a very long time. When i get out of no wake and give it gas it will go for a minute or so then die (shut itself off) if I pull the battery cable off then back on it will do the same thing. I was told the grey gas lines could be doing it and I am going to replace them this week however correct me if i am wrong. If the gas was the problem why would resetting it by pulling the battery cable temp fix it? Is there a sensor or something that would cause this??? I would just like some feedback if anyone knows what this could be. I will replace the fuel lines but logically it does not make sense because of the battery thing.

Thank you anyone that can help me.

P.S. I have a 1996 seadoo spx that runs fine this one is my girlfriends i got it for her and have not been able to get it to run so you will be assisting me in gaining allot of brownie points when she can enjoy her ski.
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First lets start with the basics, get a compression reading, remove the spark plugs, ground the spark plug wires, cold engine, open throttle.

As far as the grey fuel lines, yes they need to be replaced, along with clean and or rebuild the carbs., clean the water separator/fuel filter, replace the fuel selector valve. Here's a thread on the subject.


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