1995 Speedster Dies

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I bought this about a month ago and it runs awesome, when it runs. Out of no where it will just die. Sometimes at idle, WOT, part throttle cruising. Sometime it will go several hours and sometimes it will go a few minutes. It acts just like you pulled the lanyard off. Sometimes it will restart immediately and we can ride for a while, sometimes it will restart and die, restart and die, and sometimes it will not even crank over. I eliminated a post lanyard issue by cutting the wires and tying together (for testing purposes), no change. Then I noticed that sometimes the oil LED on my fuel gauge would light up "red" when it died (while full of oil of course) so I thought, well maybe this system will shut the engine down when it suspects an empty oil tank, again cut and tied wires together, no change. Of course several people just say "oh well the MPEM is bad". Well I have no problem putting one in there, but would like a little bit of further diagnosis first. Any ideas would be gratefully received and appreciated. (I'm sure you all know, but I do no have a DESS system, the old push button style).
PS I read many, many posts to see if there was an issue similar to mine, but almost all were DESS or carb/fuel related. Again it DOES NOT CRANK at the times that it won't start. Thanks again!!!
Check all the grounds and battery connections, there are several small ones that go to the mpem, and grounds to the engine and positives to the starter, did you check the key?
Thanks for your response. The batteries were put in just b4 I bought it (but that doesn't mean that everything is tight). I will double check all of the connections. As I stated in the original post, it is just "push button" lanyard. No DESS. And I tied the wires together to eliminate that as a possibility. BTW, I really like your Ariel Wake Tower. I actually showed my wife a pic of it about a month ago because I wanted the "Assault" like you have but she really wants the K2. I told her either one is fine, but lets get it running correctly first, lol. How do you like it? Thanks again for your input!!
Wow, and then I realized that they both look like Challenger 1800's and they are both from Chicago. How many more mess ups can I do, lol
Huh? Are you looking at the aerial website? Then yes, thats my boat.. :) Save the money for the tower and buy a bigger boat, probably better off with a bimini top... :)
I hear ya. I really do like that tower on yours and will probably take your advice on the bigger boat, lol. My family isn't getting any smaller. I do need to get mine running correctly tho so I can use mine for a little longer and then possibly sell it. Are you happy w your tower tho?
I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post the fix. I got stranded in the middle of the lake AGAIN this spring, started disconnecting everything while out on the water and jumpering everything that I could think of that might be interrupting the signal. It died and wouldn't even crank. While hunting around, I found under the instrument cluster/cover where the steering cables and lanyard wires are, was a really cheezy inline fuse setup. It was 2 female spade connectors slipped onto a corroded fuse. So I cut that out, installed a REAL weatherpack fuse holder, non-insulated butt connectors, high quality heatshrink and wire tied everything out of the way. We have ridden it many times since, put all of the other wiring back the way it was, and haven't had a single problem!! Thanks for all of the input!! Enjoy your summer!
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