carburation problem

  1. F

    97 Xp 787 Runs but won't start

    1997 Seadoo XP 800 carbureted I just rebuilt the top end of my 787, 120 psi on both cylinders. It has spark with fresh spark plugs It turns over when I click start but won't fire up, (with or without choke or throttle) When I pour fuel in the intake through the carbs and click start, it...
  2. S

    1996 seadoo gti bogging

    Hey everyone I picked up a 1996 seadoo gti, I rebuilt the jet pump, changed plugs, battery, all of the regular maintenance so that I knew when it was done. The ski was running great until about a week ago I was on the water and it was loosing power. I figured the only thing left I didn’t do was...
  3. DJ Dome

    Running on choke problem.. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Hey guys. I been working on my 1994 seadoo xp all summer trying to fix the carburetor/fuel problems. I followed everything to a T on this site. I rebuilt my carbs, changed all my fuel lines, changed check valves, brand new fuel filter canaster, new fuel selector, new plugs, new rectifier, new...
  4. woner0012004

    1997 Seaoo XP Wont Start (HELP!)

    I just rebuild the carburetors on my 1997 Seadoo XP and now it wont start. when i finished rebuilding the carbs I went to start the ski and with about thirty seconds of cranking it started. i had it on for about five seconds and revved it a couple of time before turning it off. everything look...
  5. M

    1997 GTI- Exhaust Water Leak Causing Performance Problems?

    I have a 1997 GTI that has leaking water out of one of the exhaust pipe plugs and depositing water in the hull. I will be fixing it with JB Weld over the weekend. My question is "would an exhaust water leak cause performance problems"? Background: This spring, I rebuilt the carbs...
  6. R

    '96 SeaDoo XP with problem that seems like carburation, but I don't think it is

    To whomever, I have a '96 SeaDoo XP, 787cc. Ever since I've owned it (4 yrs now). It has always had a "dead spot" in the acceleration when you rolled on the gas at a moderate or slow pickup spead (maybe around 20 through 30% of throttle). If you went from idle to full throttle, it would...