1. A

    Rivet Size and Part #s for 98 GSX Limited

    Did some searching, high and low places, and either can't confirm it's the right part or the manuals images are too tiny to read. Looking for rivet size on the cable that holds the front storage compartment open. Also rivet size on the front bumper and any suggestions on a temporary solution for...
  2. FeelinNauti

    Bucket won't lock going forward - Seadoo Challenger 210 SE

    I took apart all of the connections to the buckets, re-lubed and tightened to fix some binding issues (lots of salt/corrosion in there!) Now that everything looks lined up properly and much better shifting at the helm, I find that the adjustment on the cable is slightly off (close) where the...
  3. S

    Steering Cable Bellows and Steering Feel

    I just bought a 2000 Sportster 1800, and have been trying to learn as much about it as I can. I grew up with a bunch of different boats, but all were outboards or I/O, so this is my first experience with jet drive. I am trying to figure out if my boat is acting normal for a jet boat, or if I...
  4. N

    1996 Seadoo XP steering cable removal

    I purchased a 1996 XP for a good price and the steering cable seems to be locked up, and well, I broke it. So I need to get the cable replaced. I got the but unscrewed inside the hull which I thought would be the hardest part and that only took a couple seconds. Does anyone know a trick to...
  5. L

    1992 Seadoo GTS replace steering cable question

    Here's the question - I see steering cables for sale on Ebay for my 1992 Seadoo GTS. Looks fairly straight forward. Here is the question: What broke was just the last inch or so at the back of the cable - the threaded part that attaches to the water diverter for steering. It left only...
  6. D

    Throttle Adjustment 99 GTX RFI

    I have a 99 GTX RFI. The throttle lever is loose. Meaning I can squeeze it to the handle and when I let go, it doesn't return all the way back to its home/in position. It also only pulls the throttle lever in the engine a tiny bit. I'm assuming I can adjust/tighten something on the handlebar...
  7. B

    2001 GTX Throttle Cable Replacements

    My throttle cable broke at the handle. I pulled the cable out of the ski and it has 277000892 stamped on the cable itself. Ive found a few cables that look just like this cable but the part number does not match. The 277000892 cable is VERY expensive!! Are there any other cables that would work...
  8. S

    throttle cable broke

    so my 2000 challenger's right side throttle cable broke and i could use a little advice on how to replace it. i just replaced the reverse cable so routing the cable shouldnt be a problem for me. i dont know how tough the carb end work is? also by the shifter theres a little box on the cable...
  9. shamski

    Falling Reverse Gate while Tubing

    First, thanks to all so far that have helped through getting impeller, wear ring, head unit, and speakers installed in the 2003 Sportster VTEC. Newest issue: Reverse gate comes down while pulling tubes or just cruising. Needs some speed to do it, but only happens once in a while. Most...
  10. B

    Battery Cables?

    I've discovered to my dismay that it's time to change out my battery cables. I really don't have much experience with the electrical components on my sea-doo. What cables am I going to want to purchase for my 1994 GTX? Is there somewhere convenient to order them?
  11. J

    95 GTX oil pump cable

    I have a 1995 Seadoo GTX. I had the carbs off yesterday and after I put them back on I noticed that the cable that runs from the carbs to the oil pump was not "tight". By "tight" I mean that when the throttle is pulled, the oil pump cable is also pulled, but when the throttle is released the...