1. B

    NEW SKI and the DESS key will power up but starter powers OFF the system

    I just purchased a 98 XP (yeah!). When I went to check out the ski there were issues with wiring that had to be addressed (some corrosion and bad connections) and the trim motor had to be replaced with a different one. I was a little concerned with the electronics because it is a salt water ski...
  2. tonydiato

    07 Seadoo GTI 155...beeps and water temperature displays --

    I have a 07 Seadoo GTI. I get a beep after I drive the ski for a bit and the water temperature diplays -- with the degree symbol. No error codes. I also looked under the ski and noticed the driveshaft is a little loose (this causes some vibration). Does anyone know what this could be? Is the...
  3. captcharles

    '06 Utopia 205 beep, beep, beep

    When I turn on the main battery cut off switch I get a small beep from the engine compartment and 3 loud beeps from the dash. Is this normal? This boat is new to me and I have yet to get it in the water. After messing with it a bit I found out it only does that with the DESS key in place. If...
  4. L

    2007 RXT turns over, has gas & spark, won't start.

    The 2007 RXT turns over well, has plenty of fuel, and spark plug in boot and grounded sparks. I get two beeps and try to start. RPM's go to about 300-350. When the start button is released, it beeps 3 shorts every 5 seconds. What does the 3 beeps code?
  5. S

    2007 RXT won't start, beeps, click, buzz

    I hope you experienced guys can help. After changing oil, filter, coolant, plugs, and charging 1-year old battery, it just clicks. Starter not turning. Beeps OK. Gauges readout OK. It says MAINT and compass direction back and forth. Main relay buzzes. It started fine just before and...
  6. T

    Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2007, just got it, start up issues

    Hey everybody thanks for opening up my thread! My dad and I just bought a Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2007, and we have been having a few minor start up issues. We first will put the key in, and 2 beeps will occur, then after the "System Maintenance" phase 4 beeps occur, and occasionally it says "12V...
  7. Kevinsnan

    Help AGAIN, Not a good 'start' to the season

    Hi all, Tried to start my Seadoo GTI 1997 today and had some not so nice noises. upon connecting the key i get the typical 2 short beeps. Then as i try to start i get the one longer beep. The engine doesnt even try to start and sounds electrical. My first thought was a key issue maybe the...
  8. P

    04 GTI problem

    i have a 2004 gti and when i put the key on it will start and will run for about 5 seconds if you keep pressing the throttle. then it konks out and the jet ski will beep once. then i have to unplug the key and plug back in and it will do the same thing about five times then nothing. Gas was put...