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    2004 Seadoo Islandia 2 issues looking for advice.

    Hello I've got a 2004 Islandia. I don't know much about the boat (sorry I took it over from someone) It's got a Merc 240 in it. Boat starts without issue when going slow I notice a lot of smoke tends to come out of the motor, the RPM & the SpeedO is not working therefore I can't tell at what...
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    1994 Seadoo GTX alarm beeping

    Just purchased a 94 Seadoo GTX with a 657. Had good compression (140 in both cylinders) and ran great during the lake test. After buying it I placed it on a hydroport at the local marina. When putting the seadoo on the hydroport, it suddenly started a continuous loud beep. I put it back in the...
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    Single Beep while riding

    We will be riding on our 2009 GTI-SE and suddenly hear a single squeeching beep. All gauges, etc. show no problems and it is full of oil with nothing showing on the digital readout. Should I take this in to service and if so, what?
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    Unplugging non working gauges (Get rid of beeping)

    So I took my new to me 98 xp out to the lake today and every minute or so it beeped. I have been doing some reading and what I have read is that it means low fuel. The fuel is full but the fuel gauge itself does not work. I am guessing this is why the beeping is happening. Is it possible to...
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    why is my seadoo tec-4 supercharged ic making 1 long beep then 4 short ones?

    ok so my uncle used to own these they got stolen and 2 years later got recovered now we are trying to get them into good working condition but when we go to turn it on i put the key thing on and i get 1 long beeeeeeeeeeeeeep then 4 realy short fast beeps and i dont get any kind of led displays...
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    1995 seadoo sp constant beep

    hey guys took the skis out today (or tried to) i went to start the ski in i can hear this somewhat quite but constant beeping. it gets louder sometimes but the ski will start and run then shut off and not idle properly. i had finally got it started and ran it for maybe 30 seconds before it shut...
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    01 Islandia Beeping Alarm

    Okay-- first time out on the Islandia this summer and all is great till about an hour in at speed, mid turn and a loud beeping starts. I pushed the flashing orange switch and throttled back. The oil light is NOT on. What is strange is that this switch light is always on- its orange and...