1. tonydiato

    Rebuild SBT jet pump? Possible?

    Is it possible to rebuild a SBT jet pump for a 07 seadoo GTI SE? Its 4 years old and the bearings did not last long. Also, if it can be rebuilt, can the bearings be put in without a bearing press machine (160.00 cost)?
  2. T

    Bearing/Seal part numbers for MOVE 1 Karavan trailer

    Hello, I have a 2012 Karavan MOVE 1 trailer that came with my 2012 GTI130 PWC. I need to replace the bearings and seals in the hubs, but can't seem to find the correct part numbers online. Is a parts drawing available somewhere online that specifies the part numbers for bearings and seals? Or...
  3. stealthdart

    Need a reverse cable tip.

    I got my Speedster 1996 on water and realized that my right side engine did not shift to foword or reverse. I ordered a new reverse cable because the old one had a broken side. The cable i ordered does not have tips. Can anyone show me where to get the tips?
  4. M

    Greasing the bearings on a trailer

    I have a zieman trailer with bearing buddies. I havent greased them since i got the trailer 2 months ago. Can i just use any type of grease on my bearing buddies or do i have to use a specific grease for my bearing buddies?
  5. lovetoride

    SBT pump bearings

    I was wondering if anybody has used SBT pump bearings, any problems with them. I have read that SBT wear rings are garbage. any imput would be very helpful. i was going to order this kit
  6. deepdiver

    Replacing Bearings

    I am sometimes too confident for my own good. Let this be a warning. There are different size axle spindles. Not all boat/utility trailers are 1". Like I assumed. I bought a set of rplacement bearings and was dumfounded when, after replacing the races, packing the bearings, cleaning up the...
  7. I

    WSm pistons and cage bearings

    I'm guessing that I do not have to use the stock piston pin needle bearing spacers on my new WSM pistons I say this because I have bought a set of SBT caged piston pin bearings and when I use the stock spacers on either side of the cage,it won't fit into the pin area of the piston. I'm...
  8. L

    Test run results since pump rebuild on 96 challenger

    Hi, The weather was finally nice enough here to get the boat out for a test run since the pump overhaul. FYI- I replaced: -floating ring (plus O-rings) -carbon ring -impeller (Solas 14/22) plus boot -wear ring -neoprene seal -pump shaft seal -pump oil I also resealed the ride...